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Review by SaMm2010 See Profile

  • Location: Edenton,Chowan,NC
  • Cost: $129 per month
Bad "Poor service major slowdowns on their internet quite often"
Overall "If you have other options don't go with mediacom"
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I had the online max 20/2 but just today switched to 12/1 (charged me $2 to flip a switch) for awhile have been having horrible slow downs alot in the afternoons and weekends been slow all day today. Been intouch with their techs for 2 and a half months had 2 techs out to the house and everything replaced still no change in slow downs, got a 3rd coming out this tuesday (didn't show up last friday), don't know why its obviously nothing at my home I know its the node that is overloaded. But I have no options for other providers here unless you want 56k dialup and since I game online that is not an option for me. But that is why companies like mediacom come to smaller towns like this they have no competition. Just tired of the slow speeds when I get home form work and on the weekends when I want to game with my friends and can't cause slow speeds which causes my ping and jitter to sky rocket example I rent an game server in NY/NJ area I am in NC I ping 38-44 when my internet runs like it should and between 80-120 when its like it is today, and its also sporatic jumping from 80 up 120 and back which makes everything skip around. I really which a good DSL provider would come around here I would leave mediacom is a second. Well its going on 10 months now and its still terrible. Might aswell face it, its not going to get fixed their internet is worthless. Have to wait until another company comes in the county.

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