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Review by wpbear See Profile

  • Location: Cataula,Harris,GA
  • Cost: $125 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Only Provider Available"
Bad "Horrible Customer Service, Price and Copyright Policy"
Overall "Find something else if available"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

At first very fast, then was over subscribed and got REALLY SLOW speeds and REALLY BAD customer service. Finally got fixed when area was upgraded but again bad customer support. Only good service is MediacommCHAD on this forum....and he is REALLY GOOD!

Copyright policy is 3-strikes and the turn it off FOREVER and no way to fight it.

Also price is HIGH. 12/1 is $60/month; 20/2 is $75/month and 50/5 is $95/month. DSL would be much cheaper at $20 if ATT served my house.

EDIT: 17 Feb 2013 - Slow speeds again. Speeds are down 30-60% from subscribed package. Setting up an appointment was the only part that went smoothly. The tech never showed up. When I called Mediacomm to ask what happened I was told they can't find me as a customer and to call a different number. I call the other number and the automated line tells me I am scheduled from 8-5pm; take note the time is now 515pm. Finally I get a live operator who tells me I am scheduled for anytime which could be 8-8pm. My question then is why have two real people and two automated machines tell me 8-5pm.

Also to update the review that now my intro price is over I will be paying over $125 a month for 50 down and 5 up (ultra package) if I have my own modem.

EDIT: 12 SEP 2014 - Not Reliable Speed. Package has been auto upgraded by Mediacom for "free" to 150 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. I supposedly pay for the 50/5 price package and pay $75/month for only internet. Speeds at night are not consistent but will max at 40/6. But during the day I can see speeds at 80/12. But I am assured it is not the Mediacom network, either local or backbone and I am told to only run speed tests direct to my modem and still get the same results. Mediacom is a continuous hassle! But no other choice. MONOPOLY!


The tech finally came to fix my slow service.

The tech called me at 630pm for an appt window of 5-7 pm and tried to get out of coming to the house and said he would have someone monitor my line for speeds. This was unacceptable and I told him to come to my house. The tech tried to bully me into not coming so he could get off work early.

We he arrived he sat in his truck for 10 mins on his cell phone and then spent 5 minutes running speed tests and pinged Google from my PC.

He didn't even touch his tools, any equipment, my house box, or the modem.

The speed test he ran is this:


I am provisioned for 150 down and 20 up.

He says he will put a maintenance request in and left. Mediacom wasted my time rushing home for work for nothing.

EDIT 27 Sep 2014:

Mediacom fixed my line issue by adjusting the power levels. BUT they are again having a utilization issue during peak hours and they will not admit it. It is like they are a drug addict and admitting they have a problem is too hard for them to take the first step.

Even worse is the one good part of Mediacom was "MediacomChad" for tech support on this forum. That "user" seems to no longer be the same person or even "one" person. All instant messages between this user has been fragmented and incoherent. Some canned responses, and others that are also lost in a conversation as if more than one person logs into the account and tried to complete for another representative where they had left off from another shift.

Mediacom is TRASH!

member for 3.7 years, 663 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 62 days ago


Robert Cox


Worst service I have ever experienced

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered in any industry. They install, internet works for an hour then bottoms out to less than DSL speed. I call and I'm told they will come out tomorrow meaning another day off work for which I will not be paid. When I ask to speak with a supervisor I am told I don't qualify to speak to one. Never heard such crap ever!!

They fix it tomorrow or give me my money back and I'll be looking for anyone interested in filing a class action suit based on consumer fraud.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL


Thank you for the kind words. I would be happy to look over your account to see if there are any promotions available for you.

Springfield, MO

Not sure what is going on here

I had mc cable installed for about a month now and no complaints. I leave town for two days and come home to find my 20/1.5 working oddly at 3 down and 2.69 up.

Several speedtests later, and removing my router and connecting a laptop directly to the mc modem I get similar results...3 or 4 down and 2 to 3 up.

called tech support and I'm told I have to wait for 5 days to get anyone to check this out...they say "everything is fine...80% of what I'm supposed to have..." but even with a single laptop directly connected I get the same results.

I can't work from home this way and if its not fixed will consider this a breach of contract and move back to AT&T.

Fortson, GA
·AT&T Southeast

It Could Be Worse

I can't necessarily speak on the speeds that Mediacom has now and I am sure that my experience from 6 years ago isn't relevant but it irks me to hear about the bad customer service there and how the grass is so much greener at other companies in the area. As someone who used to have Mediacom in Columbus and can only get AT&T now (moved to Fortson), the grass is certainly not greener. Not to rag on another company in your review but Mediacom is way better than AT&T and it's options. We are talking anywhere from 6 to 30+ times better in some cases. On a good day AT&T will get you 1.5 Mbps of the 3 you are set up for and an upload at .3 Mbps. So before you freak out about the customer service and "slow speeds," you should know what the other options are really like. Cable outclasses phone line supported DSL. Oh and the Uverse thing won't live up to the hype. The max speed will be 18 Mbps and will more than like stay about 12 until they max the system and it goes down to 6-8 Mbps. Sorry for the spiel but I would hate to see someone make a mistake because they think they can get better when that isn't the truth.



Agree with all of the above

This review lays out everything that Mediacom is about. They monopolize areas and they know it because they treat you as such. All it would take is one company to move into Des Moines and people would flock away from Mediacom.

I went through the same tech issues. No call no show multiple times by techs. Each time my appointment was rescheduled to a date without even a phone call to see if I was available that date.

If you are happy with Mediacom now, I assure you, it will only be a matter of time before you are not.

I will say that after 5 calls to figure out what happened with my appointment, I finally got an associate who gave me my month of service free. Still no appointment though, they are just going to mail me the hardware so I can install myself.

One word for Mediacom, TERRIBLE!

Hopefully Verizon FIOS comes to the area soon. I would be more than happy to pay the contract cancellation fee to never have to deal with Mediacom another day.

Field Engineer
Clive, IA

Mediacom Chad

The MediacomChad account is definitely run by several people. Here is an excerpt from a PM I had with him:

2013-10-09 15:11:12 : From MediacomChad
My MediacomChad account was started by one person, but as the team grew and the account became more popular I have let a couple other key members have access. Most of these members I have trained and have the same knowledge and access I do so no matter if it is me working, or one of my team members you should get the same level of support. This allows questions to get answered 7 days a week, from 6a-12p CST, whereas if it was just me it would limit the amount I could do here. It is also important to note that I do manually read over nearly every interaction that is made on this site myself so I can know what was going on and correct any incorrect information that was given out.
The bitterness of poor quality lingers longer than the sweetness of low cost. (usually)