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Review by Hatsumomo13 See Profile

  • Location: Manchester,Delaware,IA
  • Cost: $91 per month
Good "I thought this was a cable company."
Bad "ISSUES WITH THE T.V ISSUES WITH THE 30Mbps INTERNT. getting 5.61 download and 1.82 upload, multiple issues with cable box."
Overall "We are going to lower our services If this issues is not resolved."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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So yes i agree with everyone here i am SUPPOSED to be getting 30mbps internet and i am barely breaking 5.61 download speed and 1.82 upload speed and yesterday we actually got 0.06 download and 0.01 upload ?!?!? what the heck i could barely even call that issue in! I am not happy with this, Because i run two computers a playstaion3 and my home phone is also using internet so i need the 30Mbps. I am paying for what i thought was cable? I am also having problems with my cable T.V the channels just go out and a message pops up on screen saying "this channel with be back up shortly" but it never comes back up i have to unplug my box and plug it back in. I have called about this and they are sending a tech out to my house next week. I have to wait a whole week because they are backed up on calls is what the customer service rep told me, I can understand why. I used to have COX CABLE and i never had these problems with them (even in a STORM). Why am i paying cable prices and getting DISH service? So i talked to my Husband and if the problem still is

there with the very low internet and T.V channels that don't want to work, I have only had this cable company about 3-4 months and i already want another service provider. So happy i didn't sign a contract!

I wish this cable company would be one, Invest in newer cables IF that is the issue, or actually REPAIR the problem. If the boxes are going out time and time again, Get new cable boxes invest in the company that is making money ( There is no point in pinching dollars if you are loosing customers)


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Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

Your service

I apologize for the problems you have had with your Mediacom services. I would be happy to help work on getting this issue resolved for you. Please message me with your account information and I will do what I can to make things right.
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Robert Cox

Switched to mediacom from ATT because ATT is overcharging and I constantly lose signal with them. So mediacom comes out and installs the internet and it works for a whole hour after they leave then drops out...AAAAAAAHHHHHHH. When I call they tell me someone will have to come out tomorrow. I ask to speak to a supervisor and I'm told I don't qualify to speak to a supervisor. Absolutely the whole attitude is tough crap we don't care about the customer. Actually never been told I had to "qualify" to speak with a supervisor before. So it is going to cost me 2 days off work now (which I don't get paid for) so they can MAYBE get it right. If they don't they can pull the service entirely and just refund my money. I seem to be hearing this same complaint over and over.

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About 2 weeks ago we noticed our yard, (the only one in the neighborhood that had this done) had been painted up and flagged marking our underground utilities. We spent hours calling the utilities trying to determine why our yard had been marked. When we got no where with that. I came home early from work Tuesday, November 6 and found several (3-4) mediacom technicians digging up my yard. I spoke with them and they assured me they would repair the yard to the condition it was prior to their digging. I even called the mediacom office and was given the same assurance. Well they dug all the way around the yard and they have killed the grass and left areas completely without grass as well as dirt all over everything. We have a corner lot and this goes all the way around the house. i WOULD HAVE BEFORE PICTURES BUT WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED OF THE DIG.