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Review by joleme See Profile

  • Location: Waterloo,Black Hawk,IA
  • Cost: $99 per month
Good "usually stays connected"
Bad "Lying customer service and horrid horrid tech support"
Overall "Only place availabe in waterloo iowa"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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We used to have cable tv and internet with them. I NEVER signed no agreed to a contract yet when I called to cancel the tv and raise the internet I was told I somehow magically signed a contract and could not cancel my tv service.

I told them I wanted to hear the recording that I supposedly said yes to to agree to their contract and miraculously they 'went to look something up' and let me cancel the service.

These people are major crooks, and their tech support is virtually non existant. If the high school dropouts cant solve your internet issues with "restart your modem" or "plug your computer into your modem" they just setup a tech visit which consists of waiting 1-2 weeks with a 4-5hour arrival window, so one of their gradeschool dropout techs can tell you there isn't an issue there and you have to call the company back.

If there were any other decent option for internet service here, we would have dropped them a long time ago.

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Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL


I completely understand your frustration with the issues you have been having. I will be happy to look into these issues. Can you send me an IM with your account or phone number?


Re: Service

I like to give credit where credit is due. I talked to the tech that was supposed to come to my house today on the phone. My wife is in the hospital and he was understanding of the situation. He also agreed it would be nothing on my end, since I can change the problem just by connecting to VPN and get full speed when doing a speedtest or using torrents. Compared to the usual guys he seemed genuinely resentful of my treatment and also suggested asking for a supervisor or tier 2 again, which I have tried multiple times without success.

Wish I got his name, because he seemed like a good guy.


Mediacom hasn't done anything to correct slow internet

I have been having the same issue for quite some time (speeds between .55mbps-1.4mbps) between the hrs of 7pm-midnight. I have gone through the same "troubleshooting steps" with the people on the phone when i call. These steps are completely useless and simply designed to give the appearance of actually trying to discover the issue. I have also had a tech come and, once again, same result. They say there is no issue. Well there obviously is as i should be receiving 14-15mbps, thats what i pay for and is what they agree to provide. The people on the phone and the tech all act as though they are surprised and doing what they can. I went online to check for reviews and, not surprisingly, found that this is a know issue that has been going on for years. If anyone knows of a reliable ISP in the mound, MN area who actually provides the service they advertise I would appreciate hearing about this. I would not recommend anyone sign up for this service through mediacom as they obviously do not care about their customers or they would have corrected this issue that they have been aware of for years.

Waterloo, IA


You signed a piece of paper. Buried in that piece of paper was a contract of some kind. This is how they get you 'low prices' and then a year later jack your rates up like nobody's business.

As far as them being the only option in Waterloo, you're right, and believe me, I hate that. During the summer months, my cable's all good, no problems whatsoever, but once it freezes, forget about it. Constant interruptions, everything disconnecting frequently, losing service multiple times a day. Yeah, it's ugly. Called and complained, yup, they don't care, or just won't fix the problem.


same thing

Still the same issue, ISP won't help, and the news service says its not them since a traceroute goes through without issue. Really don't know.

As for the contract thing, I actually never signed any paperwork. They said straight out it was a verbal contract only, which once again they have no proof of and refused to give me a copy of the recording when I threatened to cancel my service if they didn't let me downgrade. They pulled the "oh oh oh oh oh let me talk to my supervisor and see what I can do" magically 5 minutes later they are back on the line and totally sidestep the issue of the voice recording and say they will do whatever I want.

Mediacom is NOT ethical in any way shape or form, and the large majority of their customer service follow the the way the company operates.