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  • Location: East Moline,Rock Island,IL
  • Cost: $69 per month
Good "Rarely an outtage"
Bad "Technical Support"
Overall "Would be nice to have more competition in this area"
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Mediacom Chad,

A friend gave me your contact info to report the issues I had with Mediacom
(Illinois) 2 days ago. At their request, they wanted to upgrade my modem
for "free." The modem came with instructions to call their tech support to
have it provisioned/activated. I already have a fairly new wireless router.

On checking my phone, I had made 12 calls to Mediacom to try to get the
modem and router to work. On about call number 5, the tech told me there
was an outage in my area that would last about an hour. I knew that wasn't
true because the service goes down so infrequently. He took my number and
said he would call me back but never did. Another tech had a heavy Spanish
accent that I couldn't comprehend..and my mother spoke Spanish! Another
tech gave me the Microsoft number to call because he said MY laptop was not
releasing the IP from the router in order to renew the IP when plugging
directly to my laptop. I called it a day and decided to wait until the next
morning to try one more time. At that point, I was going to buy my own
modem/router combo.

The tech I called the next day - call number lucky 13 - was really helpful.
She determined the reason the modem and router couldn't work together is
because I was sent a wireless router/modem combination that was conflicting
with my wireless router! I wish I had gotten her name so she could get
kudos for what her knucklehead co-workers couldn't figure out.

I still cannot get my router program to operate because the router was
reset, uninstalled, installed so many times. I cannot open the program to
add/delete access for guests. I will probably end up purchasing a
router/modem combo but if Mediacom has to play any part in the installation,
I'm not ready for that headache right now.

Thanks for "listening."

(review was emailed from domain mchsi.com)
lodged 2.1 years ago


Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL


I will be more than happy to look into these issues for you. Can you send me an IM with your account or phone number so I can help you?