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Review by Bill_MI See Profile

  • Location: Royal Oak,Oakland,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "People, Service"
Bad "Behind in technology a bit"
Overall "Fine for me"

After Comcast wouldn't fix their aging, glitching, infrastructure, I switched to WOW.

Install went fine but you might get a vintage 6-year-old modem to rent. I got a Scientific Atlanta DPX100. It worked but I'm probably not your typical customer - I like to log data from the modem. Yeah, it's the engineer in me.

The DPX100 modem didn't like my log taking. While this may not affect YOU, it interested Wow_Dan on the WOW forum and he suggested a modem change if I wanted. He arranged the service calls around my schedule and I eventually got a newer DPC2100 which works for logging just fine. Dan didn't have to do that but I'm glad he did.

Since I'm old school, I really like the atmosphere of WOW. It's not quite mom-n-pop but a lot closer than Comcast. At the time of this writing, WOW still has newsgroups (Giganews) and, I think, real ftp access to your WOW personal website.

WOW says they have no caps, which is ALL about PremiumCable-vs-InternetStreaming (Comcast-vs-NetFlix) anyway, which is rare these days.

WOW_Dan posted that WOW had a change of mind and will NOT encrypt:
»DTA's and encryption - A message from WOW!
I find this encouraging if I want quick basic channels with a QAM tuner. This prompted my switching, too.

Sure, there's no PowerBoost, DNSSEC/IPV6 happening... but I think I'll like this 8/1 service just fine.

But don't ask me about TV... except the little I use it I haven't seen the glitching like on Comcast but the family seems happy.

September 15, 2012 Update
We're now on the big package (TV, Internet and phone) since May. We had a 5-day power outage in July and I did miss a working phone (battery in modem lasted only a few hours). But not as bad as I thought.

An irritating note. I have no need for DOCSIS 3 and on my DOCSIS 2 service... WOW... does WOW change internet frequencies/channels a lot! 20+ times a day in what must be some kind of load balancing. I have some data: »WebStar vs. Arris

Well... every channel change is a 4-5 second loss of internet. Anything streaming gets a whack during this time. I'm a regular viewer of TWiT (»live.twit.com) and it buffers at every channel change. Arrrgh! It's not that big a deal, just frustrating when Comcast would change channels once a year instead of twice an hour. It should NOT happen.

On a positive note, I was impressed with the letter about an outage we had. This is more like the mom-n-pop atmosphere: »The Letter About The Outage

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internet connection and bandwidth

The internet literally sucks in my book timewarner was the absolute best not for the money but people always say you get what you pay for so I will not have a problem going back to time wafner.

Union City, MI
·WOW Internet and..

Re: internet connection and bandwidth

Agreed without a doubt quicks. Not ganna bother calling them since its prolly there vintage 10 year old servers and everything. Actually got a "new" modem that looks like hey it might be new... to bad the thing will never be used to a decent capacity since we cant get over 200 Kb/s (Pay for 20 MBps/2.5 Mbps (Might have mixed them up?) and never got NEAR that when it was "ok")