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Six Month Rating

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Review by Couch Potato See Profile

  • Location: Evansville,Vanderburgh,IN
  • Cost: $116 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Starz and Encore included in the Digital Basic package"
Bad "What Bad?"
Overall "Great deal, can't beat the price"
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Connection Reliability:
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I always hated this company. I apparently was a fanboy of their competition in my area, which I had service with for about 9 years. One day, I decided my cable and internet bill was too high and I started checking into other options. I grumbled as I typed in www.wowway.com and proceeded to the packages for my area. I went through the current channel line up and was not impressed. The website made me put in my address and because of this a salesman started coming to the house. One day he came by when I was home and I decided to hear his pitch. He told me what they offer now, which I already knew, and what they're going to be offering. He showed me a pamphlet of their current channel line up and what's coming in the next 2 months (this was in July), which he let me keep. I was impressed. I still grumbled about their internet speeds and he assured me that they are going to have better speeds by the end of 2011, but they're still working on the pricing and tiers. He then gave me a price. I have their highest internet, 15 down and 2 up, their Digital Basic package, 1 digital box, 1 dta (mini box for old TV), I own my own DOCSIS 3 modem so no modem rental charges, and a multi stream cable card. I have a Ceton InfinTV 4 tuner in my computer, which allows me to watch HD, premiums, and is my multi-room DVR (through the use of XBOX 360s). He quoted me a price of $98.49/month + tax for 1 year and then an increase of $5/month and this was guaranteed until January 2013. The only promotion here is the $5 off per month for a year. He even put the quote in writing. I was sold, but I made him wait a week, while I thought it over, before I told him I was signing up. He wanted to have the service installed in less than a week from when I told him I was on board, but I wanted to wait until after July 27th, so I wouldn't go without Comedy Central HD. After all, it's Futurama season, so I made him wait 2 weeks before the install, which was free by the way. I've had the service now for 5 days and I'm very happy. I max out my capped speeds on speed tests all day long, even during peak usage and I even think the HD picture is better than my previous provider. The sales rep even called during the install to make sure the installer was there on time (he showed up early) and after the install to make sure I had a pleasant experience. I've never been treated so well. I almost forgot; there is NO CONTRACT, there was NO money up front, and I have a 60 day MONEY BACK guarantee. Who does that in this day and age? I'm happy. I would like to give kudos to my salesman, Shawn. I was a hard sell. He did as I asked and didn't bother me for 1 whole week while I thought it over. He even showed me something I didn't know; WOW has really high ratings with Consumer Reports or JD Power, I don't remember which one.

UPDATE 11/06/2011: WOW has faster internet tiers now. I have had 30/3 for about a month now and it's been pretty solid. I'm happy

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