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Review by Rambo76098 See Profile

  • Location: Blacklick,Franklin,OH
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Great Customer Service, Connection finally working well"
Bad "Botched Install, Poor Connection due to Crappy WOW Modem"
Overall "Not the cheapest, but great service"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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To start this off, want to note this is overall a positive review. Wouldn't have said that at first, but a few months in things are finally where they should be.

Anyway, when AT&T announced caps, I started shopping around. Put my addy into WOWs website to see if service was available. Got a call from a sales rep Jesse and I placed an order for 15/1 internet only. Install was available quickly. Day of, installer never showed. Called Jesse - he forgot to put in the order. No problem, stuff happens.

Next appointment, installer shows up REALLY early, I have to leave work early to get home. Installer refuses to move the coax line from going across the deck (previous owner) to either under the deck or thru the existing hole being used by UVerse (equipment for both are in my condo's yard, inches from the building). Sign off of on the install (what else can I do?) and call WOW right away, they send an employee out the next day instead of a contractor. He moves the line, takes the WOW box off the back (not sure why they installed it for the previous owner, the line was grounded inside the unit, even said so in the box). Things are finally working at this point. Last issue was that Jesse made it sound like a router was included in the $5/mo equipment fee. They gave me a $50 bill credit for the issues and to buy a router.

Right off the bat I had connection issues. Would go down quite often, and pings/speeds would fluctuate quite badly. Turned out to be the crappy modem they gave me (Scientific Atlanta Webstar DPX100). If you ever get WOW installed, DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO INSTALL THIS MODEM! Ask instead for the Scientific Atlanta DPC2100R2. I had several months of connection problems and almost canceled and went to Insight over it.

Now that things are going smoothly, I am very satisfied with WOW. Speeds delivered are consistent, and are exactly as advertised (15/1). Wish the install process would have gone better, and WOW hadn't given me a crappy modem that was stamped as manufactured in 2002.

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