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Review by kiamsiamdala See Profile

  • Location: Rochester,Oakland,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Soild connection, good pings, good support, fair price and no data caps."
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I've been with Wide Open West since shortly after their purchase of Ameritech (2001?) and have nothing but good things to say about the company. Sure, there has been the occasional hiccup in regards to high pings and packet loss throughout the years, but nothing that hasn't been resolved in a short period of time. The times that I've spoken with their tech support, I've always been pleased with how polite and receptive they have been.

I've always gotten at least the agreed upon up and downstream speeds and have 99% of the time had stable pings with zero packet loss to the gaming servers that I play PC games on. Also, they don't place a cap on the amount uploaded or downloaded per month, which seems to be a growing trend in the ISP business. They even offer 5 gigs/mo of Usenet access through Giganews, which is nice to use for fills for a primary Usenet account with Highwinds, Astraweb etc. or for lite access as a standalone.

The bottom line is that I wouldn't consider switching to Comcast or U-verse, which are two of the major competitors in my area, even if they might possibly be cheaper. No shady throttling or caps for me, thank you.

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