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Review by MrMonk See Profile

  • Location: Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $112 per month
Good "Used to be great, hopefully they get back to their roots."
Bad "Lately they have had poor connection quality, and unreachable service."
Overall "They are in a downward spiral with no sign of getting better"
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Update 12/23/12: Modem levels improved a tad bit randomly, but service didn't really improve with it. TV pixelation seems a little better, but still is too much. WOW a friend didn't work right as intended, I had to jump through hoops to finally get a response because of this "upgrade" WOW is doing. This "upgrade" has them increasing labor costs, while customers get upset and get beyond terrible customer service, I don't know what company calls that an upgrade. However, hold times are a bit better now than a month ago. So they slowly got a little better, but are still miles from where they used to be.

They are on a downward trend and still equal or slightly better than most competition. That being said they are worlds away from what they once were. Hopefully they can bounce back, but as it stands now I can not suggest them.

They have had long standing HD video issues. Weeks ago they started upgrading their billing system. For weeks hold times are insane if you can get connected to customer service at all.

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Beachwood, OH

Sticking with WOW?

I joined WOW a couple weeks before the "new billing system" (could a new billing system really cause this much chaos?) went into effect and since then I haven't been able to reach customer service at all and I have many issues.
I had been pretty psyched to move into a part of town (Shaker Heights) where I could get WOW, but now I'm wondering if I should ditch them and go back to one of the horrible old standbys -- TimeWarner, Dish or Direct TV, or AT&T Uverse.
Do you think that WOW is still the best choice (even if it is only the lesser evil)?

Cleveland, OH

Re: Sticking with WOW?

Depends on the choices. I would still take WOW as is over ATT, and maybe comcast. I would switch to COX if they became available to me. Time Warner should be available to me but isn't as a result of my address showing on the other side of the street in their system, and they won't listen, so if they don't want my money, forget it.

I filled out an email form I found buried on their site with a billing issue, and they resolved within 48 hours, so that means something, but it wasn't obvious to find.