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Six Month Rating

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Review by mrbeerrjg

  • Location: Clinton Township,Macomb,MI
  • Cost: $135 per month
Good "Customer service when you can get them"
Bad "Being able to reach them by phone"
Overall "Terrible to connect to by phone."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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WOW or WowWay had one of the best ratings for customer service. Now you can
never call in and get a customer service representative. Today I called
in, got the phone message that the wait time was more than 20 minutes. I
put the phone on the speaker and set next to me. The automated system at
WOW, asked what service I wanted, and I pushed the number 1, and waited, 20
minutes later, it again asked me what service I wanted, and I pushed 1
again and waited. Next I hear them trying to connect me and then I get a
busy signal. Being retired, I tried again and after 15 minutes I did get a
customer service rep and he handled my problem. I do not have a problem
with any of their customer service reps or the installers they have, it is
their phone service trying to get connected to them.

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lodged 1.9 years ago