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Review by Oosie65 See Profile

  • Location: Columbus,Franklin,OH
  • Cost: $73 per month
Bad "Just plain awful and unreliable"
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WOW is absolutely not worth your time or money. In fact their services/products were getting worse even after they jacked up everyone's monthly bill to cover the "upgrades" WOW happily informed their clientele. The internet was still slow, the pixilation and picture freezing issues with the TV had not improved. The technicians either did not show up on the scheduled date or showed up 3 hours early while you are still at work. After several incoveniencing calls to repair my problems by "sending a signal" to my digital box over a period of 9 months from moving into my new residence, my home had to be rewired after installation for the second time but the pixilation and picture freezing of the cable service was not resolved. I also received a "new" digital box during this time period. I cancelled my service earlier this month to switch to another company - found out that WOW STILL deducted the full months payment out of my bank account when I should only have paid for a few days' service. After speaking to two "representatives" I was told a refund check will be mailed to me - they cannot deduct my account electronically. The gentleman proceeded to state it was my bank's fault for not informing me of the proposed deduction - I explained that banks do not receive a proposed AUTOPAY transmittal until the day of the deducted fee. This same rep could not tell me when my refund check would be cut and mailed out so who knows how soon I will get that. They are quick to deduct your bank account but I have to wait for a refund check??? Ridiculous and totally unacceptable. If a company has EDI authorization to deduct from individuals' bank accounts, they can electronically credit the account as well. They just choose not to do so. I also was unable to access my account online to remove the autopay option even though I called 3 times to have this issue resolved, to which was not. I also received an additional bill on TOP of this automated full month's payment for a partial month's services. Technically I was being charged for an additional month's service AFTER the disconnect date.

After a period of 4 years of continuing service which was getting worse over time, I finally decided to switch companies. Now I'm stuck with a full month's payment to WOW to which I should not have paid AND a two month's payment to the new cable company all in the same paycheck in which my mortgage, insurance and condo fees are also needed to be paid. What is also interesting - when I called to order WOW service to be disconnected - there were no questions asked as to why I decided to cancel my services with them. Could it be so many people are cancelling their services with WOW they gave up inquiring the reasons?

Customer service wait time during the week in the evenings on average was 20 minutes. I heard the spiel during my wait time that "it is best to call between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm". If you're at work and need to be near your TV and/or internet in the hopes your issues will be resolved, this is not possible. We have to work in order to pay the WOW bill. Do companies get this?

Did anyone else attempt to contact WOW during the "upgrading service" only to listen to the CEO's apology message about the service, and then the call was disconnected? I could not connect to an actual representative for weeks. I couldn't receive a credit for outages since I did "not call to report the issue". If no one would answer the phone, how could they have known of the outage issues?

Customer Service representatives for WOW are generally in the same category as Verizon Wireless. Although WOW reps are not as degrading and condescending as Verizon reps. Just clueless.

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