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Six Month Rating

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Review by RogueJawa See Profile

  • Location: Canal Winchester,Franklin,OH
  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Reliable, friendly customer support"
Bad "Nothing worth crying about"
Overall "Best service in my area."
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Update 09/10/14:

It's been three months since my install and.. really I have no complaints that make me dislike my service. I do wish the WiFi signal reached a bit further and I wish they provided WatchESPN as part of their online TV offerings. Those are very minor things compared to the fact that I can stream music, video, online game without lag, while allowing my WiiU, PS4, Vita, and 3DS XL to automatically update without a single problem. I have about 9 devices connected via WiFi or Ethernet altogether and don't experience any problems. I have the 30/3 package and my speeds top out at around 30.24 Mbps and 3.23 Mbps. I almost want to upgrade to the 50/5 package just to say I have it even though I don't really need it.

I consider it a great value given the fact that AT&T's max speed for my apartment complex is 12 Mbps down and they want the same amount WOW is charging me for 30.

Picture is crystal clear. The GUI for the ARRIS Media Gateway is slow to respond once in a while. If that's my worst First World Problem I consider myself doing pretty well. I'm also pleased to see the addition of the NFL Network and NFL RedZone channels since the last time I had WOW.

Update 06/09/14 INSTALL:

My appointment was scheduled for between 0900-1100 hours. At 0908 I received an automated call informing me my technician would arrive at 0930. He was extremely prompt; arriving at 0930 on the dot. My technician was Corey and he was extremely polite. He asked me where I wanted each item placed and even ran the cables through the proper holes on the entertainment center to keep everything nice and neat. As I had their UltraTV service a year previously he updated me on the changes that took place, from software updates to hardware updates. He programmed both remotes, allowed me to choose my own SSID and WiFi password (I found this very impressive because it's the first time a provider has let me do so), and he was on his way.

He was barely here a half an hour; he was extremely efficient, he left nothing behind, and everything works beautifully. He even offered me longer ethernet cables for my PS4 and PC. As planned I have Digital Signature with Showtime, two media players, the gateway, and 30/3 internet. Speeds have hovered at around 28 Mbps down and 3.5-4 Mbps up on both Ookla and Speakeasy. Netflix streaming is crystal clear and my PS4's online features work flawlessly.

I'm very satisfied and it is well worth the price.


I previously had WOW when I lived in Columbus and now I'm moving back, after dealing with Frontier for 10 months I can't wait to have real internet again. There were definitely no complaints from me when the manager of the apartment complex I'm moving to told me I could choose from satellite, AT&T, or WOW Cable.

Setting service back up was easy. The CSR was extremely helpful, and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. She actually started to undersell me until I asked if they still offered their UltraTV service in the area. She told me they did and asked if I was interested. She set up my order with their Signature Cable w/UltraTV (I have to have BBC America and I was pleased to see the NFL Network back on their channel lineup), Showtime (more expensive than Dish, but I only plan to keep it long enough to finish out the season of Penny Dreadful), and 30 Mbps internet (this is going to be amazing after having 500 Kbps from Frontier). They had plenty of install times open on the day I wanted, I'm moving on a Sunday and I got an appointment early on Monday morning.

She took the time to explain every charge I would receive, which I was familiar with having been a former customer, but I think it's great they're that up front with their charges. I also think it's fantastic that she didn't immediately try to sell me more than the minimum she thought I would need until I asked about the advanced services. She was from Colorado, very friendly, and we chatted while she entered my order. It was great to be treated like I mattered, and I thought it was awesome when she thanked me for coming back as a customer. I'm genuinely happy to be coming back.

Once the install is complete I'll update this and finish my ratings. Heads up, I'm going to count my "Days from order to online" as "Days from move-in to online" because it wouldn't be fair if I put 22 days there. It isn't their fault I'm a control freak who likes to have everything squared away and ordered so early.

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-1 recommendation

Wow Internet

Horrible service. I pay twice as much for half the service I used to have with Comcast. I am only forced to use it because they are the only ones available in my current location. Can not wait to move or WOW goes out of business which ever comes first.


Canal Winchester, OH
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·Frontier Communi..

Re: Wow Internet

Sucks to be you I guess. I had them for several years when I lived in Columbus, OH and I can't wait to get them back. It will be interesting to see your Comcast reviews later because everyone I've ever spoken to that has it has hated them with a passion. They are among the most hated companies in America lol.