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Review by DJ See Profile

  • Location: Columbus,Muscogee,GA
  • Cost: $84 per month
Good "Service stays on, albeit slow during peak times"
Bad "Terrible hold times for tech support, aka, tech support for former Knology customers"
Overall "I'll be moving soon to an area not serviced by WOW/Knology, won't look back."
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Below is what's copied from my last review of Knology, now WOW. For years I kept a highly positive review of Knology's services. This is the first negative review I've had to post. Tried to wait for them to work out the growing pains, but enough is enough.

Our phone stopped working Friday evening 9/20. We still have the old outside voice terminal, so troubleshooting is a snap... Just plug in a corded phone to the test jack tells me everything. No dial tone at the test jack. I tried calling tech support Sunday morning. After 35 minutes on hold on my company cell phone, I hung up. I tried again Sunday evening, same thing. I've got better things to do than sit around a phone praying for someone to pick up. I tried yet again Monday morning while at work, where I work outside and can keep the phone in my shirt pocket on speaker. It took 45 MINUTES for someone to pick up, which is absolutely ridiculous. In the past, when it was Knology, we never had to call support for phone issues because they monitored the terminals remotely for issues, and automatically dispatched a tech when something was detected. That's why I waited until Sunday to call, thinking they would've sent someone. We've had techs visit our home unexpectedly on Sundays to troubleshoot the terminal, so I figured they'd do the same. WRONG. Different company, different operations, I guess.

As far as the internet, prior to the announcement WOW was buying Knology, internet speeds were rock solid all hours, all days of the week. Not long after the announcement, speeds slowly started to decline. Now, peak times and weekends I never dare run a test. When I do, it's in the 3-5 Mbps range. I'm on the 15/2 plan. The speed, or lack thereof, is noticeable during any sustained download. I will not call in to tech support for this since the internet still works, just not as snappy as I remember it used to be.

Now for tech support. The few times I ever had to call Knology tech support, a rep was on the phone after the first ring, every single time. Now, as mentioned above, an undetermined amount of time, which means an exhaustive wait. I tried calling the "other" number for WOW, which is for the native WOW territories in the MW. Guess what, one ring and a rep was on the phone, on Sunday evening. When I gave her my information, she apologized and said she couldn't help me because I was in the newly acquired Knology territory, and gave me the 877-KNOLOGY number to call. That's the same number I tried calling already with the endless "We're changing the way you think about cable companies" loop. Nauseating.

Well, my family is set to be moving to a new town soon, in the pursuit of a bigger home with lower cost of living. We've found a great place in a small town about an hour away, which is serviced by another mid-sized cable company with DOCSIS 3.0. I've already checked for QoS in the area and it's a LOT better than what Columbus gets with WOW. Looking forward to the change.

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