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Review by syslock See Profile

  • Location: La La Land
  • Cost: $87 per month
Good "All the CSR's have been great to speak with. "
Bad "High packet loss and very slow speeds. Outages in my area every 2 weeks or so since signing up. Installers were jerks."
Overall "Physical plant needs some major work/rebuilt in this small town."
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Moved to an area not serviced by the big players in the cable arena.
My choices for Internet are DSL, WISP, and WOW.
Now talking with some of the other players in my area as WOW is failing
big time. I am subscribed to the 15mb package and I'm lucky I can get 2/4mb down.

Every 2 weeks or any time it rains, there is an outage in my area.
Every time I need to get something done on-line the service is down.

I know my other options will be slower to connect, but if their down time
is better, I'm going to have to switch as the constant outages in my area
are a joke.

I'm not going to continue to pay for services that are not available
every time I need to use them.

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Failure with service

Having been a wow customer for over 12 years and overall been quite satisfied with the service until NOW. The service has gone downhill since Abdullah took over the Michigan region. I'm leaving them do to costs(retiring) but I want to keep my phone numbers. The frustration has gone on now for 6 weeks with one lie after another between them and the new carrier(I'm also not satisfied with them for the same reasons---the lies). I am only trying to port two business numbers to less expensive options, one to ringcentral(a fax) and the other I'll be porting to a cell once the nightmare ends. The organization in the wow business department is disgusting, you make a call, get lied to and of course when you call back angry you get another person that knows nothing about the previous lies. If I ran my business that way I'd have gone out of business long ago.