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  • Location: Dearborn,Wayne,MI
  • Cost: $47 per month
Good "No need to hassle on price or contracts"
Bad "Download speeds consistently under-perform during peak usage days/hours"
Overall "Go elsewhere if you can afford a better managed data network"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
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Update--I ended up switching to AT&T U-Verse. The switching experience itself was painful, but worth it. Installing AT&T 45/6 "Power" the first month then just downgraded to Max Plus. This ensured professional installation and a quality RG

I've been a customer for over a year, streaming Amazon movies, etc (no cable). The price is fair, but if you're a new customer, realize that they can't do much for you when you need them.

I currently have the 15/1 Package and am noticing slowing of download speeds over the past few weeks--coinciding with the holidays when more neighbors are home. A new cable modem and upgrading to 30/3 didn't help. The only thing their customer service can do (they know this themselves) is offer to send a tech out--wasting their own resources because the line signal is clean.

The issue is that their network management can't handle the bandwidth promises. Switching back to Comcast next week is the plan.

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WOW to Comcast ?

i'm Ditching Comcast for WOW, because supposedly WOW has no monthly bandwidth cap.
Comcast has a 300GB per month ( 10GB per day ) usage policy, with streaming you will
eat that up so fast. also on principle i refuse to do business with a company that has limitations
on something that should be 'unlimited' the fact that they hide the bandwidth cap from new
consumers is sneaky too, you really have to dig to find any information on it...
and its even more difficult to find out where you're at for the month...



Re: WOW to Comcast ?

As a wow customer DON'T DO IT.Been having problems with their service now for over a year. Wow mantaince has checked my house and at the pole outside and all good. Their problems all started back in 2010 have only gotten worse over the years due to out dated eqiutment. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. WOW IS AN EXPERIENCE ALL RIGHT A VERY BAD ONE.

pissed off


Re: WOW to Comcast ?

I'm in Illinois and having problems with WOW for over a year with no resolution in site! Numerous reps in and out, rewired house, had a truck sitting in my driveway for hours watching for problems. Still have the same thing! was told to keep a diary so they could backtrack - I ran out of space! We have had WOW since it came to Schaumburg Ill. No problems till digital change over. am sitting here now watching my dvr box turn itself on and off, reboot, had signal sent 5 times, and nothing on the screen! it is now 55 minutes into "on hold" for someone to talk to. caller ID on tv left days ago and can't get it back. I don't know what happened to WOW but it has become the next COMCAST which I tried and dumped! and yes, they changed the programs and offered nothing in exchange yet the price stayed the same! now have to pay for Starz and Encore additionally. I think Ms. Abdoula, CEO, should spend some time going thru complaints instead of doing her pathetic tv adds!



Re: WOW to AT&T U verse ?

We had wow for 13 yrs swicthed to att uverse, dropped wow when told starz and encore would be gone, felt that this was a start of more downgrades and price would stay the same. with att we get 3 dvr for same price that wow chatged us 2 digital receviers I like that we can eliminate all cables running through the house.