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Review by markf See Profile

  • Location: Burlington,ON
  • Cost: $59 per month
Good "Reliable connection"
Bad "Over priced, no FTTN plans, poor customer service"
Overall "Finally left, over priced, outdated plans, much better out there"
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The final review...

With the new FTTN plans being offered by other providers, I finally decided to make the jump. My 6/800 connection just wasn't cutting it while I try watch NHL GameCentre and the wife watches Netflix in the evening. I called Execulink and they told me they have no plans to offer FTTN plans, not only that, they are way over priced. I'm on 25/10 with VoIP (which I had with Execulink too) for $10/month less than what I paid for 6/800 with them.

I had digital phone too, so I was initially hesitant to switch. I looked into other providers, tested once I got over the initial fears about configurations and finally decided it was ok to move on. Porting my number out was more difficult than it should have been, they cut my number off on the Friday but told the FOC date was the next Wednesday. I ended up having no phone service on my primary number for five days which was embarrassing when I was able to call out and giving my number out without knowing that when they called it told them my number was out of service. Some family members called and were concerned because they couldn't get through and only a few select people have my cell number. The two companies played pass the buck, so I don't know who's fault it was, but based on the customer service attitude when I called to cancel my internet account and ask about returning the ATA leads me to believe that Execulink just didn't care.

I'm glad to be done with Execulink. They were reliable service wise and there were no issues as long as my payments went through every month, but in terms of pricing and upgrades, they are way behind the curve.

Unless they are the only choice you have (rural wireless) or you're lucky to get their FTTH, I would skip them.

This is my third review. Other reviews are below for the record.

So far, so good. After the problems with other ISP's and them keeping my plan despite my 120 GB/month average over the last few months (when they told me the cap was 70 - 100GB), I will stick with them for now. If they ever try to push me onto a new plan (based on my usage the $119.99 /month plan for 300GB), I'll leave in a heartbeat. With the problems others are having, I'll have a harder time finding and ISP I'll like, so I really hope they leave my plan alone (a plus is no price increase in 4 years now)!

They updated their portal and have voicemail to email for storage options (through their digital phone product), as well as allowing me to listen to voicemail online, which is a lot nicer than over the phone when there are many messages or you're trying to write numbers down.

Second review (early 2011).

I can't recommend this ISP to anyone anymore. Although they've been ok to me and haven't imposed a cap on me yet, they are very evasive when questioned about the cap. Depending on the day, they'll change my plan if I exceed 70 or maybe 80 GB per month - they won't say. Originally I was "uncapped". I've exceed 75GB 2 out of the last 3 months and nothing yet, but their next plan up, 100GB is $20/month more. I will leave if they expect me to pay $59.99 for 100GB at 5Mbps.

During the UBB fiasco, they had $39.99 for 50GB, $59.99 for 100GB (or $20 for 50GB - even more than Bhell expects) and $119.99 for 300GB!!! Teksavvy gives you 300GB for $31.95 and unlimited for $39.99. Those expensive plans are still up. They also never communicated with customers during the UBB mess and when I called in, they told me they wouldn't offer insurance, only their profit taking plans while blaming Bhell for everything. Not very classy when their hand is clearly in the cookie jar too.

I have no affiliation with any other ISP, I just think that they need to be called out. I can't imagine how they are attracting new customers with what they are offering now. Their old deals were good, now they are brutal.

I must say Tech Support is still good and were always able to help me through any problems. I haven't had a price increase in my VoIP/Internet plan in 3 years, but the uncertainty of the "cap" will push me out if they do change my plan because they think 80GB is a heavy user.

Original Review:

I started off with Bell Sympatico. Shortly after that, I realized that the lite service I signed up for wasn't enough and I started looking at their full package. The price was/is steep, so I shopped around and found these guys through and got an excellent price through a work deal.

I bought their modem ($100- Speedtouch) and signed up for monthly service at $29.99 (in October 06). Over the past few months I had serious issues with my Bell landline, so I decided to go with their bundle digital phone and internet ($59.99/month).

When they switched me to the digital phone bundle they bumped me down from 4 meg to 3 meg service saying that the tech was concerned about stability issues with the phone. One short phone call to customer service got my line bumped up to 6 meg. They even called to confirm the speed was up and waited on the line until I was able to test it to be sure. I currently have the fastest Execulink connection on this site and am very satisfied with the speed. They don't throttle BT downloads like other ISP's do. I was downloading at 500 kB/s the other day with no problems.

I do have some echo at the beginning of phone calls, but I will call them and hopefully they can help me. Tech support is very patient and has worked through my setup and reconfigurations very quickly and efficiently. The phone problem is minor.

I am very happy with this ISP (a customer for about 16 months) and would recommend them highly.

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