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Six Month Rating

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Review by bksmith5 See Profile

  • Location: Fargo,Cass,ND
  • Cost: $45 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Reliable connection, decent speed"
Bad "Low 50GB/month data plan"
Overall "Send a Tweet to @CableONE or @CableONESupport for help, if needed"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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One weekend is all that it took for Cable ONE to send out an email to its employees stating that all customers who are under existing contracts can cancel the existing contract and sign new one for the new TriplePlay/DoublePlay/SinglePlay that includes the 50Mbps ISP service. I was really only wanting to -add- the 50Mbps service to my folks' plan, but this was an unexpected bonus since this will save my folks some money while they enjoy an improved set of services. Kudos to you for this one, Cable ONE. I definitely feel much better about how things have turned out here.


This update is more one in response to recent mishandling by Cable ONE's Corporate call center. I'm knocking down my overall opinion of the company because of how they handled an inquiry by myself on my parents' behalf. I am appalled by how I was treated and cannot be supportive of a company that uses its contracts to punish its customers for wanting to switch their service levels while under contract.

See »UPDATED: Under An Old Contract with CO and want 50Mbps? for more information.



50Mbps/2Mbps service is now available in Fargo, ND and it is simply awesome! No more throttling on this plan. Instead, CableOne has implemented a "Data Plan" (much like you'd find with a smartphone on any current cellular provider). The Data Plan is currently set to a limit of 50GB/month. If you download more than this amount, you are charged at a rate of $0.50/GB. I'm not a fan of this idea, but it's still an improvement over the original "cut your speed in half after you hit a certain threshold every day" plans. I can report back on the "damage done" to my monthly costs after I've had this for a month or two.

In the meantime, it's simply awesome to have a more modern ISP service to use!



Nothing new to really report here other than my services have been online non-stop since I signed up a couple of months ago. I'm still quite happy with the service, as it is and am looking forward to if/when the DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades are finally completed!


Original Review:

About 2 years ago, I signed up for a business ISP connection from CableOne. That was not a good experience because of a lot of misinformation coming from the local CableOne office. I'd signed up for a specific tier with the understanding that by paying for a business line, I wouldn't be subject to throttling (measurement periods that result in bandwidth reduction after a specified download amount has been exceeded). I hit that limit and was throttled the very first day -- I was admittedly trying to hit the supposed limit to see who was right and who was wrong (local vs corporate). Local management lost and I moved over to Qwest as a result.

Here we are a couple years later and Netflix is booming! I found that with Qwest's 7Mbps DSL service, I couldn't count on a continuous 5Mbps download speed to maintain an HD streaming signal. As a result, I looked back at CableOne's offering and found that they offer a 12Mbps/1.5Mbps service which, if the threshold is hit, will cause the speeds to be cut to 6Mbps/750Kbps -- not too far off from the 7Mbps/796Kbps service that I had with Qwest. The 12Mbps/1.5Mbps service has a daily threshold of approximately 11GB. I haven't hit it yet, thankfully.

Ping times have been pretty solid, the connection has been reliable and Netflix has been running quite well since the switch. It's hard for me to believe it, but I am here to recommend CableOne service to anyone who goes into it with their eyes wide open (meaning: Do your homework and consider how much you'll use the service before you sign up for an "affordable" plan.) Is CableOne the best-ever ISP - Nah. Are they the best that I can get in my area - yep.

In short: I have been pleasantly surprised by the service that I've received this time around. Well done, CableONE. Now finish up that DOCSIS 3.0 rollout and bump the tiers around some more, eh?

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