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Review by ted409 See Profile

  • Location: Winslow,Navajo,AZ
  • Cost: $103 per month
Good "that includues tv 10mg internet is 50 i guess"
Bad "smart alec suprvisor who wanted to drill holes in my house to run cable to computerendless advertising on tv for their services"
Overall "run like hades if you see their adverstising"
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if they would spend about 3/4 of their advertising budget on improving their system it would help . someone set the building housing the equipment on fire but they put it out before they destroyed what my computer geek calls obsolete eqipment

i just tested it like the cable guy does with the speedtest.net site and got like 7.7 i watch a fair amount of hulu and it was 10 when i was watching goes does to 5 to 7.7 during evening hours one of the head guys says he doesnt even think there is a capping program

the techs told me it was for the economy plan only then the others tell me its for all of em

they gotcha so thre aintn much u can do

i had really bad service and tried calling for a week the phone didnt work so i sent emails FOR A WEEK BEFORE I GOT ANY HELP the kid came out and told me that unless i let them drill holes in my house id be charged on the next service call. they finally ran a sepaarate leadin for the internet but left the 10+ year old lead in for the t

i went to cable internet when it first came out in 1993>? at that time the lead in had been there since 1977 and the tech said he wasnt gonna give me a new lead in till he saw what it looked like . the kid that came cleaned up a cable mess i had. do to my medical problems i cant even make it up to the attic to run cables anymore so i just ran a wire to the bed room same old chit here where i live. they advertise like heck so i guess that means theyve lost a lot to dish. the only reason i stay is i get a 10 dollar a month break on my internet

i bought my own modem motoroloa surfboard sb 5120

theyll never change they advertise so much it makes you want to scream so that makes me think theyre losing the war with direct tv i got hulu for 8 a month so i get to catch up on shows i miss

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