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Review by sheureka See Profile

  • Location: Bisbee,Cochise,AZ
  • Cost: $43 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Speeds are reasonable (and the fastest available at 5MBPS)"
Bad "Unable to use video chat, google voice, etc."
Overall "Useless for me - I'm leaving ASAP"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I switched from Qwest, which had much slower speeds but seemed more reliable. It worked great for video calls and google voice. I can't get either one to work with CableOne. I've tried to contact them for help but just spend a lot of time on hold, which I can't afford because I only have a cellphone. The "ask a question/tech support form" on their website doesn't work, so I'm stuck with having to try to call. I'm used to using very few cellphone minutes and only google voice from home but no one can understand me since the switch. I'm switching back as soon as I can (I have to save up some money for the install).

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CableOne raising monthly rate to $50

I just got an account notification from CableOne stating the service (5MB $43 a month) is now going up to $50 a month. No added features, just bend over and take it.

I talked with my local office and all they could muster up is trying to sell me a package deal. I've been with them for seven years now and they don't care at all. I told them there are at least three or four providers that could beat there speeds and prices.

I'm going to CenturyLink....see ya CableNone!



Re: CableOne raising monthly rate to $50

In N. Texas they habitually talk to you like you're a computer illiterate child. Their automated recordings (not even a real person any longer) will tell you: "Unplug, wait 30 sec., plug back in...It must be your wireless router, you're not standing on one foot and patting your head right". Sad. They have NEVER admitted they are to blame for lost connections for days yet after some time everything magically works again. Hmm, must not have been on my end after all. As soon as I move they can collect money from those that are left. If they ever get competition, they will just move to another part of the country. Forget visiting the Sherman, TX office in person. They have got smart and closed it to the public period.