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Review by Sarentack See Profile

  • Location: Ocean Springs,Jackson,MS
  • Cost: $108 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 400 days
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I ended up with a bundle package of Phone, Internet, and TV and all I had to pay up front was $130 and I think the monthly cost after was somewhere around $97 in that range.

This included Digital TV with channels like NFL Network and movie channels. 50 MBPS speedy internet which has been pretty stable and fast, has 2 MBPS upload.
Telephone service which works just fine.

Cant beat it for under $100, even if this service was for $150 I think it still be worth it.

I dont know any downsides to it right now unless its the 100 or 150 GB limit per month which is alot of data, but I cant complain too much seeing as additional data past that is only 50 cents per gig. With Hughesnet the older ISP I had was limited to 250 MB a day with options of pouring out $3 for extra 250 MBs within a day, and the cost of that service alone nearly matches Cableones package of TV, Internet, and Phone.

I say go for it.

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50G service

Your 50MB service is only temporary. After your contract you will go to a 5MB service and be stuck. There is no more 10MB service anymore unless you are grandfathered into it.
Don't fall for their 50MB service sale unless you READ THE FINE PRINT!

Caps stifle innovation
Gautier, MS

Re: 50G service

You can always upgrade to the 50 meg business tier. You won't be bounded by a contract but you'll be paying $70 per month.. but they're *unofficially* not enforcing caps on the business plans at this time.

That's what I'd do since I don't watch much TV and I've already got Vonage.
CableOne 10m/1m

Peoria, AZ

No more contracts for Residentials

Just to clarify an old post here, CableOne does not have the 50MB contract anymore.

They do have bundle plans which tend to be cheaper or have internet only for either 50GB or 100GB data quotas. .50c per GB after that with the maximum of $50 max limit(100GB) charged.

You can also go to the business plan as mentioned, but that is on a contract.