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Review by veloct See Profile

  • Location: Moosup,Windham,CT
  • Cost: $70 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "It's better than no internet."
Bad "Phone support is hit and miss at times. Better ask for the supervisor for proper service."
Overall "Go with DSL, Fios or U-Verse if available to you."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Signed up on the 2nd of April after many conversations vial IM with odog, he was very helpful and straight forward. After some issues with SBC (billing problem, loss of speed, lackluster support) I decided to switch to cable. So far is great, time will tell but so far I'm happy with myeastern.com.

April 13, 2004:
Today we got a nice surprise from ECC and we got upgraded to 2500/256, at least for now. They are going to test it and see how it goes, it may go up or down but it's nice still to get upgraded. Kudos to Owen and the staff at myeastern.com

February 24, 2005
I upgraded last night to the new Ultra package ( 6.0/512 with DHCP) with a new 60 Gb cap for only $20 more per month. The service has been good (seems we have one outage per month but it's not for too long and i was taken care off when i complained) and the service you get is the best in the broadband game, no doubt. The staff at myeastern.com is great.

May 2005
Moving to Moosup in a week and I'm glad to find out that ECC is my cable provider here so I'm going with Digital Basic and the 3.0/256 DHCP tier. I just wasn't really using the 6.0/512 but I'm still happy to be able to stay with ECC. They just plain kick ass.

June 2005
Been here for almost two weeks and ECC has been rock solid. I decided to upgrade to the DVR box instead of the basic digital box, glad we did. We love it. And as usual the internet connection is great and the support Owen and Rob provide is beyond great, ECC is as good as it can get.

Dec 2005
I have nothing bad to say about ECC, they are great. A little pricey but that's not due to the broadband but the cable service for what we pay is not worth it to me. I am going back to SBC and use their bundle service which will save me quite a bit and I'll have a reliable phone line and still enjoy broadband and digital TV service.

March 2009
Back to Metrocast (myeastern). Their 7/512 service is great. Everything is working as intended.

March 2009 part 2
Been connected for a little over a week and have had to call tech support twice (30 mins. total phone time each time), one for TV (cable box decided to stop working) and now for internet (no connection at all). I called and I'm being told it may be Monday before a tech is even able to come out to our apartment. Now I remember why I left in the first place. Not happy at all. Lucky that our neighbor has been kind enough to let us connect through their DSL line.

April 2009
About a month and a half in and I've had 1 outage and 2 minor hiccups so far. I think I've downloaded a file once in that time where I actually had a higher download rate than with my old DSL line. Jury is still out though, I won't go back to DSL just yet, we'll see how things go in May.

May 2009
Still getting the odd connection drop here and there. Makes no sense at all, anything happens and I have to unplug everything to the modem and reconnect everything just to reset it. I'm probably going to go back to DSL in June, seems that cable is still subpar in CT.

May 2010
Connection reliability is not in Metrocasts vocabulary but incompetence and total disregard for customer satisfaction is.

Dec 2010
Looks like we will be moving in the next few months to a new place so hopefully we'll be somewhere where I'll have a few options for internet access. Metrocast has been good lately, odd drop here and there as usual. We'll see how it goes after the move.

Sep 2012
Still using Metrocast for internet, on the ultra package (25/2). Service has been good the last year and a half, speeds fluctuate a lot. Still no other real options for broadband in the area so that's pretty much it.

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