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Review by Jim_in_VA See Profile

  • Location: Cobbs Creek,Mathews,VA
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "Excellent Speeds"
Bad "Pricey for the speed level"
Overall "worth it if you can afford it"
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I went for the Ultra internet only connection which is 50 down 5 up. I consistently get 53 down and 5.7 up. So they over-deliver on that spec. Ping is usually 13-17ms. The install took longer for me because I have underground utilities. So had to get Miss Utility to mark the power and telco lines first, then a contractor had to bury the line about 180' from cable pedestal to the house. Then a Metrocast tech to actually hook it up to a modem I bought. It all went very smooth. I am very happy with the service. It never slows down at anytime of the day.


Metrocast upgraded the speeds to 75/5. I get 77/8 constantly. Price increased a couple of bucks from 69.95 to 71.95 ...I'm still happy, solid connection

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Metrocast SUCKS!!

I hate metrocast one of the worst cable networks out there, every month all the channels just stop working and you have to try and fix it, and if you don't have a DVR in all the rooms then you won't be getting a TV guide u have to flip through all the channels manually like an old fashioned TV, I hate it and I don't recommend it to anyone.


Cobbs Creek, VA

Re: Metrocast SUCKS!!

I only have internet with Metrocast, which is very stable, can't comment on their TV service. I have Dish for TV
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