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Review by Overcast See Profile

  • Location: Newport,Campbell,KY
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Customer Service, Dependability, Overall Speed"
Bad "Peak Time Latency"
Overall "Best Broadband I've used, period."

I have used the local telco and in the past in another state - Time Warner.

Insight Communications has been by far the best of all the Broadband Services I have used. The customer service is TOP notch. You can always get through to them, they are very articulate and local as well.

The equipment has had zero problems, and the speed is great. I will get some Latency around peak times, although only Latency a gamer would notice - and it's not much really. Compared to some of the other services I've used, their 'peak time' performance still beats the 'off-time' performance of many.

I would most certainly recommend Insight to anyone.

Again, I must say the Customer Service is TOP notch. I'm one who drags my feet on some bills - insight is one. Doesn't matter, if I am past due and get shut-off - insight will have me back online in two minutes

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