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Review by smashcraft See Profile

  • Location: Louisville,Jefferson,KY
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Speed (during off peak times)"
Bad "Declining customer service since Time Warner took over"
Overall "Somewhat reliable connection, slow speeds in evening and weekends"
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Switched from AT&T UVerse...price was getting too high and I found myself having to call every month to fix my uverse bill. I went with Multi-Room DVR Digital Cable, Insight Phone and 10meg internet. Connection is rock solid, even during peak internet times (8-1am). With Uverse, I had a lot of feedback and static on the telephone (voip) line. With Insight, no feedback, crystal clear connection. Seems to have a lot more telephone features than with Uverse Voip. Multi-Room DVR works great...no problems as of yet.

Originally I was going to do the Internet and Phone through Insight for 43.00, but the tech said he was unable to install it with Uverse Cable running to the house as they were using the coax cable lines. Opted to go ahead with the Multi-Room DVR....so far it was a good choice.

Equipment includes a ARRIS Touchstone Cable/Voip modem and Pace Digital DVRs.

Install went off without any hitches. Only thing that confused me was that the installer cut the main underground AT&T (Bellsouth) line that was coming in to the NID. I doubt that I ever will, but if I have to go back to AT&T, they will have to re-run and bury a new drop. Insight did have to run a new drop as the previous cable line was dead.

All-in-all, I am happy with all services and the install at this time. Will be updating in the future.


Service is still working great. Only issue I am having is that during Tornado Warnings or other storm related warnings, the DVR will freeze, read EAS, but no message will come up. It does take away your regular programming (i/e when you are watching the weather during the severe storms), but the DVR does come back up in a few minutes. During the Tornados last night, all three services stayed rock solid. I did not experience any outages or loss of telephone, tv or internet.


Service is still rock solid. I am having a small issue with my Insight Phone. It is crackling in the background some, only when I call other people, not on inbound calls. I think I have isolated the problem to the equipment and not my inside wiring. A technician is coming out next week to take a look at the issue. Outside of that, all other services are working great. I'm still pretty pleased with switching from Uverse, though, I am a little worried about the acquisition from Time Warner Cable. I've heard mixed reviews on the company, so only time will tell. Only other small issue is sometimes the Multi Room DVR is somewhat buggy, but it is nothing I cannot live with.


Still not having any problems with my service. Insight resolved my issues with the crackling telephone static, and actually, after a couple of service calls, the issues resolved itself. I think it had something to do with their network as other people with Insight Phone were having the same problem.

Internet speeds are still rock solid during peak times.

Multi-room DVR can be buggy at times, but I am not having many problems at all. I restart the control unit once a week, and that seems to resolve any issues I am having. The only issue is that from time to time, the picture can be choppy after I resume playing or FF through a program. I still find it is worth having the multi-room DVR and would suggest other people get the service if they are interested in trying it out.

My bill is still the same, about $160.00 after taxes for internet, phone and multi-room DVR with two TVs hooked up and almost any channel I could ask for.

I am still waiting to hear any news on the Time Warner Cable acquisition. Hopefully if anything changes it will be prices for the better, but only time will tell.

I still recommend Insight over any other carrier in Louisville.


Bill is still 160.00 for internet, phone and cable. I'm not having any problems with the service, everything is still rock solid. I'm very pleased with Insight, and have recommended their services over anyone else in the city. I have been doing some shopping around on price to see if i can get my bill lower than 160.00, and it appears that I can, but that would be through satellite cable services that I feel are not as reliable as a hardline connection.

Overall, I am still pleased, and will wait to see what the Time Warner Merger has to offer. Word on the street is that it might be coming in March. My biggest fear would be them raising prices, but we will see what happens.


I decided to drop the cable portion of my television service this weekend. I went ahead and went with DirecTV for a cheaper price. Insight decided to raise the price on my Internet and Phone bundle, but I had to pay a one time 25.00 fee for them to re-bundle the services, both of which are still slightly higher than what I was previously paying for the services. I was pretty happy with Insight cable service, but I am trying to do budget cutting and this seemed to be the most logical decision. I'll update this post after I get my bill with the two services. Hopefully, I am saving money. I did drop close to 92.00 out of my bill by making this decision, so we'll see how this pans out. Insight's customer service though this was not very good at the central office side in person, but when I called the Insight office via telephone, they were pretty friendly and willing to work with me.

5/31/12: I have recently upgraded to 20.0 internet service. My bill is around 93.00 for internet and telephone, which to me, is a little steep. I can bundle with Uverse for about 64.00 for the same services, but don't because of AT&T's terrible customer service. 20.0 service is not as promised. I constantly speed test my connection and usually hang around 7-11 megs per second. I will be notifying Insight, and if it isn't fixed, I will drop the 20.0 portion of the bill and go back to 10 megs. If they can't deliver for me paying an "upgraded internet fee", then they won't get it at all. Taxes on the telephone hurt the most. I pay about 15.00 worth of taxes just on the telephone line, which seems somewhat steep. I am going to price a landline thru AT&T, but cannot switch providers since Insight wants to charge me 61.00 for internet services if I drop my telephone portion. Either way, they get you.

8/28/12: Service is still spotty at times, but I am still somewhat pleased with performance. Telephone service is still rock solid and have not had any problems. I was price shopping at the beginning of July with AT&T and was quoted a price of 55.00 for internet and telephone service. I decided to call Insight, and they were going to rebundle me at the current rate for a 25.00 fee. I accepted and stayed where I was. I get my bill, it is still the same price, 94.00. I gave them a call this evening and was informed that the representative previously misinformed me and she informed me that I was not eligible for a discount until January. I am not happy about this as I was promised something and it was not delivered. I will be calling in January and will see what price they can give me. If they do not drop it significantly to the current promotions or something close, I will be leaving to go to AT&T. I can bundle through DirecTV and get a great deal between both providers.


I called today to remove the 20 meg portion of the internet since I am only getting anywhere between 6-10 megs anyway. I am a little tired of Insight only trying to act serious about problems when you talk to them about canceling. I explained to the representative that I had called several times to get the line looked at and everyone who looked at the modem diagnostics said that everything looked fine. Oh well. I am back down to just 10 meg internet. I am also looking at possibly canceling my telephone service soon if they look at increasing my rates this year. I did speak to see if they had any other type of phone plans, and the representative said she could cancel the long distance on the phone for 5.00 a month less. At this point it is worth keeping it. My bill is around 84.00 for internet and telephone with taxes included, but I keep watching the mailbox for my price increase which might be coming soon since I am at my 1-year mark. I will go back to AT&T as they quoted me 44.00 plus taxes for the same exact services.


Insight has managed to charge me a 3.95 lease fee for a modem that I know I paid for two years ago. I remember them splitting the cost over the bill for six months. After calling yesterday, they told me I never paid for the modem and that the lease fee will stay on the bill. I told them I wanted to purchase my own, but since I have Phone 2.0 service, the only option was keeping the modem and continuing to pay the lease and purchase my own, or just keep the one modem. Yes, it is 3.95, but I already paid for this and that cost can add up over time and it is another source of income for these companies.

I am switching to AT&T landline service and am going to keep my internet through Insight. Dropping my landline is not an option for me at this time. I am going to assume the price of my internet through Insight will jump to full price, but both bills added together (AT&T and Insight) will still result in a lower bill than I am currently paying bundled with Insight.

4/5/13: dropped Insight Phone in January and went with AT&T Landline so I could get rid of my modem fee on the account. When calling to switch the modem out to the one I purchased, their tech support asked why I was switching as I currently owned the modem. Apparently their systems and customer service don't talk very much. I told them they were unwilling to remove the fee from my account, so I just returned the modem to Insight. After getting my modem up and running, the connection has been solid. Paying for 10 megs by itself, the cost is 50.00 even. Insight/TWC has been trying to get me to come back to TV and telephone. Starting to hear some chatter with regard to TWC name change happening in June. Not sure what it will bring at this point, but we will see.

Internet connection is solid, nothing to complain about. Currently have DirecTV and AT&T Landline for home phone.


The purchase of Insight is now complete. Time Warner has taken over. Almost immediately, I started receiving a 4.95 charge for Home Wifi on my internet bill. When calling Time Warner, they stated that there is no way to remove this charge on my account. They said because I use my apple wifi device, they will continue to charge my account the fee. It is not about being able to afford the fee, it is about how they feel they can charge this as fees here and there add up over the course of a year for something that should be a standard for customers. Either way, I more than likely will find a new carrier at the end of the year.

The hold times to get through to ask questions about your bill are worse than Insight. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to finally get through, and when you do, the representatives act as if they do not care. I'll see how things go for the next few months.

Internet speeds are about the same. I have had numerous outages since Time Warner took over in June, but they have not lasted long. It is still too early to see how things will go with Time Warner.

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