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Review by Shakuras See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough,ON
  • Cost: $40 per month
Good "They provided an okay service in the previous places I lived in."
Bad "After the move, all hell broke loose. Terrible CS, they were blaming everything on me and provided me with no help at all."
Overall "Worst experience dealing with an ISP so far."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:

So, I had been with them for a while. I had their package for phone+internet for around $80, where internet and phone was around $40.

Everything was going good until I moved to my new place. I had to wait 14 days with no service in my new place because that's how long it took for them to send a technician. Okay, can't blame them because I told them about my move late since I found my place late.

I had no internet, but really needed, so I was hovering my wireless connections to see if there was one open, but no luck. I finally decided just setup my modem and router to see if there was a previous connection from the last tenant. To my surprise it was working for me, and I had the chance to use this connection. It was a decent connection, had like 2mbps DL and ping was around 20ms.

Now, it has been 13 days and I have been able to access the internet using this connection that was left open with no problem.

The 14th day finally came, so did the technician who refused to answer my questions. I asked him if Primus sent him, but he wouldn't answer me as he was opening up my phone jack. It looked like he knew what he was doing because of the equipments he was using, so I decided to let him finish.

After he said it was all good and left, my connection wasn't working, so I called customer service and they told me I had to wait for a while for internet connection to be activated. Finally my phone started to work and so did my internet connection, but there was a problem with my internet connection. It was running like a dial-up connection. I was quite upset because of the time it took them to change the service and giving me a crappy connection from what I had before for free.

I gave customer service another call telling them the connection was pretty bad, so I talked with a guy in technical support and he tells me my phone line has no filter. He told me that since I live in an apartment, the buzzer line and my phone wasn't filtered and I had to talk with my landlord to put a filter. So I go and ask me landlord and they're like it's the technician's job to do that and not theirs and they can't do anything. I give customer service another call and the guy on the other side does some 'tests' and says the same thing the other guy said before. I tell him I had a perfectly running connection from the previous tenant's ISP, so how is it possible for it to work then and not now after their technician did his 'job'. He basically ignored what I told him and said that he can escalate my ticket, but it will just get closed or they'll charge me $100 if they sent another technician. I was like wtf and I kept telling him how I had a smooth internet connection before the technician came, but they kept acting like automated robots and kept repeating the same thing without answering any of my questions.

It was clear, the technician they sent screwed something up, but didn't want to admit it and kept blaming it on me. I finally got fed up and cancelled their phone and internet, didn't even want to deal with them anymore. Yeah, and it supposedly takes 30 days to cancel, so I'm stuck with a shitty connection for this time. I'm going to call the billing department to see if they can reimburse me for the shitty connection their providing me and the move connection fee that I'm going to get.

I will update once I talk with them again.

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