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Review by Master Wolfe See Profile

  • Location: Panama City Beach,Bay,FL
  • Cost: $127 per month
Good "So far so Good"
Bad "Some patience is required to get what you ordered working"
Overall "They appear to have finally gotten it together in my area."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

Third time seems to be the charm. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but so far it's been great. The Docsis 3 upgrades appear to have fixed the internet issues. My speeds are great and fairly consistent, average about 25 down and 6 up with the Edge package.

It took a week to get my cableCARD in my Tivo working properly, and it still shows as unactivated, BUT I'm getting all the channels I'm supposed to. Don't understand that at all. And no one I spoke to on the phone seemed to understand what the problem was/is, but bottom line is, it works for now.

I had to call the next day to get someone to actually turn on all the phone features I'm supposed to be getting, but they seem to be working fine as well.

So, bottom line again, it takes some working with them and patience to get everything installed, but after two weeks, overall things have been good. Based on past expedience I'm waiting on the other shoe to drop, LOL, but so far I'm pleased.


A year later, I moved, and decided to give them a try on the beach side. Got The Edge service, first week was good. By the second week, however, around 5-6 pm every day, speeds drop drastically. The speeds drop to 3 mb/s and below. Night before last, around 9 pm, I was barely above 1 mb/s. Once again, I am most likely going back to Comcast.

On the positive/negative side, after my install, the tech left me with signal levels of -11.8 on the down, and over 58 on the up. After posting on the knology board here, a very nice tech contacted me via email, and offered to come fix these issues. At a day agreed upon, he and a fellow Knology employee spent several hours in the rain fixing that issue. They were very helpful, and very professional.

But bottom line is, until they can get their system fixed, I still cannot recommend them.


The price sounds good, and if the connection were reliable it might be worth it. However, the connection was very unsteady. And, the price they advertise is base price for very basic service. All 'extras' are another $10 each. So by the time you get to the same level of service you had with the other guys, you end up paying MORE for a slower connection, fewer channels, and bad video.My 6 mb connection varied at all hours of the day from 512-ish speeds up, cable channels were pixelated and would occasionally drop. Their support staff was nice, but ultimately useless. When I called to cancel, the lady made snipey remarks about the other company, and that was not at all professional.


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