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Review by cwcjr See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $213 per month
Good "None: the new Upgrades are security/privacy downgrades"
Bad "Service is UNSECURE and unreliable and prices keep going up."
Overall "Avoid unless it is your ONLY option."
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Update Sept 2013: Now they have added actual false/deceptive advertising to the mix. With the Speed channel going to FS1, they sometimes put or temporarily move programs to FS2 - in HSV market 194. I called when a football game ran long and the race was moved to FS2 - but I had a not authorized screen. Sales said it should be active with the Digital Preferred. So he transfers me to Cable Support, and I get told 'nope it only comes with the sports package add-on'. He tells me to go to the Website to see what comes with Digital Preferred - guess what - the Website says it is included in the Digital Preferred without the Sports Package. However, he will not activate it unless I pay for the Sports Package! Sales says its included, The website says its included, but the tech says you gotta pay for the sports package: False/Mis-leading/Deceptive advertising! Prices keep going up as well as the wait time to get someone from Customer Service to answer the phone. The service is getting worse, outages at least once a week, and we keep getting Emergency Broadcast message for Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas that that have nothing to do with Huntsville. A company is disarray.

By the way, the internet speed is still horrible. Captured history charts (forwarded to Techs) show download speeds worse than upload speeds on weeknights between 8 and 11 pm. Been going on for many weeks.

Update Aug 2013: WOW data rates are WORSE than dialup between 8 pm and Midnight, even when paying for premium data rate upgrades. Nothing but excuses and no fixes for the last 90 days.

Update July 2013: WOW has taken over Knology and the service is TERRIBLE. They have oversold their capability in the area and the nightly data rates for download are 1/2 the upload rate!!!! Paying for the upgraded 15 Mb and getting 0.6 Mb (yes that is Mb not MB) download between 5 pm and midnight. It is now Way (WOW) overpriced and using their Email via a Client is a joke. It will lockup Outlook and financial institutions cannot reliably communicate with their investors that use a Knology Email address. Synacor and Cloudmark (their Email and spam filtering services) cannot seem to get it straight.

Update 2013: Once again, another price increase for questionable service.

Bought my own cable modem (docsis 3) and upgraded the internet speed. Only reliable using the Knology speed test at Using the tests here on DSLReports the actual speed is as low as 1/5 the knology claimed rate and shows compression being used. 20131015

Update: Knology is introducing "Upgrades" that are really security downgrades. After 5 years of complaining about insecure Email (no HTTPS for the actual Webmail and no SSL sockets for Email Clients such as Outlook) they are actually going to make it worse! I guess they want to scan the contents of your Email like Google and Yahoo* do and let all their advertisers plant their webbots and other privacy invasion tools in your Email interface. They are merging the Webmail access with the homepage login. They only use HTTPS for the initial login (ID and PW screen), after that all communications relating to Email are insecure and can be hacked and monitored at any WiFi site. Do not use Knology Email for secure communications.

*Just got a call from a supervisor at Knology. It was an intentional decision to NOT support SSL and SAP. They are going to the same webmail system Yahoo uses so they really CAN scan your Email CONTENT to provide better targetted advertising!!!


I originally (2007) had the all in one (Phone,Internet, Cable) -premium w/ HD and all major movie channels. Had to cut back to delete ALL the premium movie channels to get it down to $137. At the time I contracted it, it came with the fasted speeds they offered for internet. They have now upgraded to have some more costly premium speeds available and multiple tier options in the bundles. Trying to figure out what options you have (pick and choose) is not possible from the information on the Internet. You MUST call in to get pricing on individual services.

The greatest frustration is the decrease in reliability as they expand. An example is this weekend, all Knology (hosted) domains' Email is down for over 24 hours. Sure does NOT make you want to run right out and sign-up for Electronic Delivery of your financial and investment notifications using a Knology hosted email account.

Since their last major reshuffling of the channels and upgrades, digital dropouts and artifacts in the middle of the TV screen are becoming the norm. Some shows are so broken up that you cannot watch them and it does not matter if it is live or recorded.

When you have an internet speed problem and call in, you get the impression that they are 'throttling' people until they complain. All the resetting, unplugging, and testing I had done before calling, then magically doing it once with them on the line and the problem seems to go away - for a while...

And the classic deception, your Knology IP address to the internet is NOT truly DHCP: it seems that it is reserved unto your address so that advertisers, doubleclick, Google, Intellus, etc., (Police and Homeland Defense) can always find YOU. As a test, I released the Knology internet link from the router, unplugged the router, unplugged the modem, Shutdown all the computers, went on the road, and came back two weeks later to the same IP address. Knology refreshes the connection ever three hours in a growing subdivision, so I guess the assignment is not DYNAMIC.

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knology internet service review

The worst service i ever had, i am paying for a service they promised to be no lower than 5Mb and during the day, when there is no many people connected i barely get 1Mb. If its a peak hour, it can go down to 500Kb. I WONT RECOMMEND THIS KNOLOGY SERVICE TO NOBODY!!