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Review by lawrence bird See Profile

  • Location: Warren,Washington,VT
  • Cost: $66 per month
Good "they are polite"
Bad "horrible service, tech support hours are make believe"
Overall "don't buy property here if internet service matters to you"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Waitsfield Telecom / Green Mtn Access is our local private cable/telecom company. They primarily service Waitsfield, Warren, Fayston and some locations on the other side of the mountain.

I have DSL service with them now for quite a few years. I have never, from day one, gotten anything close to the rated speed. In fact, their office has *capped* my speed so as to provide a stable underlying connection. The past year residents in my area have had to deal with failing routing equipment. Generally this manifests itself first as wildly variable ping times and eventually packet loss of from 10 to 50%.

The latest song and dance is that they have 'moved up' the replacement of the bad equipment by a year and it 'should be there soon'. Still waiting. And still having web pages time out and streaming video (netflix, etc) either with frame drops or worse, lowered quality.

In addition, they have no qualms about servicing people 16K feet from the access point even though another is 6K feet away. Perhaps that location is maxed out. Perhaps they could pony up the dough to add capacity so that I and others can get our rated speed and on reliable equipment.

Be advised that they will not sell you dry DSL. You are on the hook for local dial up as well as all the FCC and other taxes and tithes. The end result is the minimum cost (with a $5 rebate for "doing" long distance with them) is $65 and change a month. If I am lucky, I get 2.3Mbps down and 0.6 up.

Note that they are also the cable provider. I dropped that long ago but do catch a game most weekends with a neighbor. There is *always* a problem with the signal. Static on a supposedly digital connection! Channels that remain down for hours. In all seriousness, at least 2 out of 3 times I see his cable there is something wrong with it.

Their tech support hours are a fantasy. The claim is 8am to 730pm M-F and a 'partner' other times. Reality: Anything after 5pm on a weekday is probably going unanswered.

On the plus side, the employees are generally polite, in particular the line crews. And it is not that they are somehow incompetent - they all seem to have a clue. But clearly the company is financially constrained in a way that they are unable to provide the product they are hawking, at least not to all of their customers and certainly not all of the time.

If you are looking at this review you either already own property here or are thinking of buying here. If you are buying, be dead certain you are within a few thousand feet of the service equipment and even so, be prepared for problems. That or pick another mountain where they do have good service.

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