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Review by TheJabberwok See Profile

  • Location: Greeley,Weld,CO
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "Human tech support. Speeds as advertised (5 Mb down 2 Mb up)...when it works."
Bad "Poor troubleshooting"
Overall "STAY AWAY!"
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When it works it is great.I have had to change my review a couple times.

The yearly problem is back again... There was a "weather related outage" that started 7/6 and ended 7/9. Despite the outage having ended, I still have intermittent or no connectivity. This happens every year in the summer months. After 4 calls to support and over an hour of hold times, they issued a service call on 7/11. Based on previous years experience, they will issue 2-3 service calls, and then eventually they will realize it is at the AP and finally fix the issue. Last year, I had to contact the BBB before it got fixed. I like the service when it works, but this gets REALLY old. Got the service call (he actually came early, but didn't bother to phone prior to showing up.) First he wanted to replace the power cable, which was suggested and tried at the beginning of my troubles last year. Then he checked some things and finally said the AP was getting interference from another AP, and that I would have to install a pole at my expense to reach a different tower... I know this is BS.

UPDATE 2012:

Iiiiit's baaaaaack. They not only have started a bandwidth limit and implemented some kind of bandwidth allocation snake oil that has turned latency from 10-20 ms pings to 50-60ms pings, but my yearly problem is back. Severely intermittent connectivity. I guess it's back to the BBB. I can no longer recommend this service on ANY level. STAY AWAY!

UPDATE: 2014

They upgraded my antennae and thus I have to pay much more for equipment and my monthly fee. The illegally instituted a fair usage policy despite the service being marketed as unlimited. The upgraded antennae was supposed to solve my yearly issue, yet I have had intermittent connectivity for multiple months now despite the fact that the agriculture equipment that they claimed was causing interference has been long put up for the winter. Despite record of multiple years of intermittent service they have given me NO billing consideration. I have over ten years of supporting LAN/WAN connectivity, and I guarantee this is not my equipment.


Radio died. Had a service call. They left the new POE injector lying by my desk. The service tech advised my wife (I had to work) that there is something wrong with my router. He had just opened a browser, but didn't get redirected to their provisioning page. He didn't even try purple.com. Once I easily sorted that out, I'm connected, but still getting intermittent connectivity. Dropping packets for 30-60 seconds at a time, with latency before and after. Just sad.

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Abused ex


It's REALLY poor. Sucks BIGtime

I got so tired of the service dropping to NONE or a 10 min load of a page after the ISP I signed up with was bought out. All anyone ever does at Skybeam is either tell you that they can't do anything for you or tell you that someone will call you back. Do NOT let anyone off the phone if your issue is unresolved. It NEVER will be.

I banged my head against the wall with them an ungodly number of times... holding or waiting for a call back... No-shows for SET appointments... I even had someone call me once to CANCEL an appointment supposedly scheduled for THAT DAY of which I had never been informed. Try to escalate to a supervisor. HAH! You know what a supervisor told me when I asked "Ok... so if what I have is the best it will get until NEW tower equipment is installed... when is that scheduled?"? The answer I got was "It isn't scheduled but they don't tell us." One supervisor told me that she would PERSONALLY call me back... NEVER did. Two other times I was told that a supervisor would call me the next day... and no one EVER called. Needless to say I finally cancelled with Skybeam (Um....yeah their "5Mbps download" Texas plan) and had ATT install their 1.5Mbps DSL (the best they can offer my area at the moment). I actually kept Skybeam for two months while "testing" the DSL to be sure it was better. OMG! 1.5Mbps is consistent... I can watch Netflix, I can watch a newsclip video without waiting 15 mins for it to load... I can get INTERNET! Sure it's not as fast as cable... but at least you can GET internet all the time. With Skybeam I was lucky to get ANY signal a great deal of the time.

Oh... and just an FYI. When they finally DID come to get the equipment, they took the box and left all their other trash on my roof. Someone is supposed to call me tomorrow to get the rest (after I complained), but I doubt that anyone will ever come. I will have to pay someone to take Skybeam's trash off my roof.

Sad. With all the job outsourcing and with the level of "service" (read: "I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do") they may as well have their call center in India like everyone else.

Anyway, if you currently HAVE Skybeam or ANY of the JAB Wireless companies and are having issues... take it from me, 1.5Mbps DSL from ATT is FAR superior and you actually GET service from ATT.