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Review by wheel4 See Profile

  • Location: Elgin,Bastrop,TX
  • Cost: $100 per month
Good "nothing"
Bad "everything"
Overall "horrible"

I live in Elgin, and just like everyone else in this area Skybeam is or has bought all wireless ISP having a monopoly now. We have not other choice. We are paying a premium as Skybeam advertises 5MB down and phone for $59, but not if you were on an ISP they bought. Anyway, like others, service is frequently out, speed is slow and trying to get anyone on tech support doesn't happen. And, take a look at their website were they say, "We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service." What a crock. I am going to BBB. They have a C+ rating, I think we all should go there, BBB. I am pissed at his crap.

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I live in Elgin also, and have PVCo.net. I am so upset that they got bought out. Their service was great and tech support very knowledgeable. I have had horrible or non existent internet since they got bought out and I think I know more about this stuff that the tech support people. They also have not returned phone calls when they said they would and the hold time to speak to someone is ridiculous!!



Re: HORRIBLE so far

Same here. I had Eccentrix Wireless and the service was awesome, ever since Skybeam took over my service has been garbage. Frequent disconnects, long outages... it got so bad I went out and bought a 3g aircard from Virgin Mobile just to have a backup (4g is not available in Elgin). However.... Horizon Wireless still serves this area and from what they say, they have no plans to become part of the Skybeam monopoly. They have a tower 4 miles from my house in Elgin. So maybe give them a call. »www.hwtx.com/



Re: HORRIBLE so far

Just for clarity (and the search engines) I also live in Elgin. Horizon Wireless came out today to do a survey, and the service is available all throughout this area. They said they are getting a lot of business now due to the Skybeam buying up all the good smaller wireless companies and trashing their service and customer base. So I think I might switch over to them. Only thing is they have bandwidth caps, granted they are pretty high (20-120gig / month depending on the plan) but if it works good, it might work for me. They also are no-contract... you pay month-to-month!!! You can also get up to 6MB with 10MB burst on a residential plan. They have business plans too. Hope that helps some Elgin people, and elsewhere. They have a huge coverage area in Texas. Aside from satellite... I think that is all we have available here. »www.ctxu.net/


Time for a class action suit! Houston has some great class lawyers! Check it out Texans. I'm in here in Colorado. Average speed 512K. Same as dialup almost!

Queen Anne, MD

Re: HORRIBLE so far

512k is 10 times faster than dialup.


I have been on hold for over 35 minutes trying to get through to "NO CUSTOMER SERVICE." This is unacceptable!