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Review by mtm114 See Profile

  • Location: USA
  • Cost: $61 per month
Overall "Other Options"

I helped set up this Canopy in Granbury, back in 2004-2006 time range, and am well aware of issues that can arise.

I guess the biggest issue with Skybeam is that, out of having this hardware and this connection since around 2004, and the bulk of the time it worked acceptably, Now it does not, and my options per conversation with them yesterday, is 'there is nothing we can do'.

So I am stuck with less than what I got over the years. I guess my main complaint with that is how did it mostly work acceptably for the years I had it, prior to them getting hold of it? In that respect, I am confused. This includes a tower move closer to my house because the old one, was going to fall over... when they moved it, it worked acceptably until recently... Anyway, long story, can give more details...

Skybeam is probably at least the fourth buy out from the original company.

Basically, they say it it what it is, so I guess my question is why was it better before they got it?

My only answer - just guessing is maintenance, the lower your maintenance cost is, the more money you make regardless of you customer base, as long as you can maintain a customer base (this is 'churn'), you lose one customer, you take on another, that is relatively how it works, hopefully, the new customer will cost you less to maintain, that equals more bottom line.

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