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Review by JeanInNepean See Profile

  • Location: Nepean,ON
  • Cost: $30 per month
Good "Service was excellent through the years"
Bad "Few billing issues, difficult to reach tech staff after Cybersurf acquired them, bad service after account sold to Distributel"
Overall "Sad story of how a great ISP I loved"

I had been a happy customer of IGS since June 1995. I was their customer #100. Back then, it was only dial up. But when they started offering DSL, I readily made the switch.

My DSL connection, though limited to 3Mbps, was reliable for years rarely losing sync for more than a few minutes at a time (I'd say once a week). There was a few problems with billing (2 in 10 years I think) however.

After IGS got acquired by Cybersurf, my connection continued to be as reliable as before. Really couldn't complain, other than calling IGS tech support directed you to Cybersurf who then have to re-transfer the call to IGS...

But earlier this year (April 2012), my account was transferred to Distributel. Right off, I was "upgraded" to the 6M service. That meant I had to pay 6$/month extra, and yet I wouldn't get more than 3Mbps anyway because of the crappy connection I had to the CO. On top of that, Distributel assigned me a dynamic IP address and double billed me for the last 2 weeks of IGS service I had already paid. I sent emails to their billing department but never got a reply. I don't care, that was just 18$ anyway. After calling their tech staff, they gave me a new static IP address.

There's always a few glitches that happen when there's a switch of company like this. But the worst part was my once-reliable DSL connection started losing sync several times a day. Sometimes I'd be on the (VoIP) phone and the connection would just go. Sometimes I have to physically reboot the ADSL modem to get the connection back.

At the end of July I'd had enough of this crap. I decided to cancel my service and try another one (TekSavvy). When I called customer service, I was told that the payment for the next billing cycle had already gone through and couldn't be stopped or refunded (!?!)... So I suffered one final month of their crappy service.

The 30$ fees was for the 3M connection with included unlimited internet access (no cap) and a static IP address. It did not include the modem which I had bought. Distributel's 6M was 36$/month and did not normally include the static IP address.

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