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Review by deadheadrjp See Profile

  • Location: Auburn,Placer,CA
  • Cost: $12 per month
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "very cheap; rarely goes down"
Bad "so, so slow; never any local DSL improvements"
Overall "AT&T ignores my area's infrastructure"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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This line was originally dial-up! *gasp*

UPDATE: 3-24-11 - after years of waiting this line is still around .80 megabit (yes, .80) ... Cancelled. Started as an SBC YAHOO DSL account quite a few years ago...

To be concise, I have been waiting for over six years to get updates in my area to get better than a 384 kilobit account.

AT&T is rolling out a updates in my town Dec. 27th, but my CO is getting no updates and no plans to put in more COs.

Bottom line is they don't care in my area if can you get the speeds you need, as long as you can get at least something.

This isn't about me being "speedy greedy" - it is about being not able to use most of the Internet's new "areas," that require a lot of bandwidth.


UPDATE: 12-10-2011 (workplace by default covers at&t dsl, so I plugged it in to see if it's any better since I switched ISPs that previously were not available). It is still about .80 megaBIT download (yes, .80 - not 80), consistently. This has been its speed for almost a decade and for many years HughesNet was my only option before SBC YAHOO\AT&T DSL; and, with this DSL, no real infrastructural improvements for all of this time have been seen in my area to effect me (even had techs out to make sure all on my end and my neighborhood = OK). Finally, after many, many years cable and then later 4gLTE came to area. I am getting standard 4gLTE speeds and my cable goes between 25-30megabit consistently & with some higher bursts.

... Maybe in another area AT&T DSL is fantastic due to great infrastructure, but not here (Pacific Bell & then SBC originally here, before AT&T; many, many years ago before internet, the set up here was, PacBell as my local telco & AT&T as my "long distance" provider; this phone line was established and kept since 1983). All of these issues aside, their standard AT&T DSL tech. support routes are awful; their official forum I would use here usually brought as good as service as possible, considering my local AT&T telco DSL infrastructure.

The locked-in price workplace pays for is about $12\month; yes, I checked out if could get faster if paid more. The problem is, I couldn't even stream Netflix; luckily, the cable option came around finally with higher speeds - and just as stable of a connection with very few outages.

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