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Review by BoulderHill1 See Profile

  • Location: Montgomery,Kendall,IL
  • Cost: $34 per month
  • Telco party AT&T
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Update 3-22-2015

So close to two months now on the UVERSE and all is great!

There was an issue with the billing that resulted in a bonus for me.

I figured it would take a bill cycle for some things to adjust properly because of the switch and dropping the home phone. But after the second bill arrived it was still not right. The bill reflected my cellular plan (as it should) and my home phone which had been disconnected. It did not show the UVERSE plan or the old DSL account.

So basically I was being charge for a service that I wasn't getting and not being charged for the service I was getting.

I made a call to the billing customer support to inform them of the error and to get it resolved.

Samantha took my call and quickly worked to fix the problem. She issued credit for payments I made on the defunct plans and also credits on the new UVERSE for the current month. She indicated I would be receiving a final bill statement for the home phone and DSL which were terminated showing zero balance.

While she had me on the phone she also informed me she was able to get me on an even better pricing plan for the UVERSE lowering the cost from $34 to $28.50 and said she bumped the speed up as well. She didn't say what she had bumped it up to, I just thanked her for doing so. I hadn't even asked for this. I was on the 6meg plan and when I had the chance I ran speed test on the line and found that I was now getting in excess of 23meg download speed.

Update 3-1-2015

Made the switch from DSL to UVERSE internet last month. Works great.

I have refrained from going to Uverse for a long time because it seemed that many in my area that had Uverse had problems with it. They also had it with TV service and I am going with internet only so that may make a difference.

I made the switch purely for pricing reasons. I had been on the 6meg DSL plan that had recently had a price increase to close to $40/month. In addition I was also paying for a home phone line at about $25/month. I did not use this home line for any calls whatsoever. The only reason I had it was so that I could have the DSL line since the DSL service was dependent on the dial tone or a live POTS line to work. So in reality my internet bill had creeped up to $65/month since I had to pay both the DSL bill and the phone bill in order to have internet.

I had spoke with the customer service department and asked for some sort of options to lower the bill. I have done this in the past and be able to negotiate some sort of promotional price on both the phone and DSL services that would keep the price at an acceptable level. This time I was unable to. It seems that AT&T is really making an effort to phase out the DSL and no longer would offer any promotional rate.

Since I didn't really need the home phone line and only wanted internet service, it was offered to switch to uverse. They were able to provide the same 6meg service on Uverse for $34/month. So I eliminated the phone bill and reduced the internet bill making my total monthly cost almost half of what it was while still maintaining the service I want.

In addition I found an increase in speed as well. My old 6meg DSL service would typically test out at around 5meg down and 786k up. This new 6meg Uverse line consistently tests at over 7meg down and close to 2meg up, so I have an improvement there.

There was no charge for install or the new gateway device that was needed.
()()())()(UPDATE 9-2-13)()()()()()

Still on the AT&T DSL ELITE plan. Now paying less then last review. $27 per month for 6meg down ELITE service.

AT&T DSL just simply works!

As stated in previous reviews I would experience some issues in spring each year when the rainy season is here. This finally got resolved this year. A new drop was buried to my house from the pedestal. It was original and about 40 years old. Somehow it had deteriorated to the point that wet ground would affect the performance. All is well now.

I am just very pleased with the DSL service from the beginning in 2004. It has just always worked and worked well. Still using the original Speedstream modem supplied to me. Barring some network maintenance or other issue which has been slim to minimal in 9 years there has been no outages or other issues to be concerned with.


******UPDATE 7-10-11*********
I changed to the ELITE 6meg plan a few months ago.
I had it before but scaled back due to price at the time. I negotiated with the CSR and get the ELITE at $30 a month.
For the most part it still works great. There has been however some glitches. Typically each year in the spring I experience alot of random disconnects and issues maintaining constant speed. This happens when it is very wet with rain and windy as it often is in the spring around here. When the rain stops and it dries up then the service is solid again. But as soon as it starts raining the problem comes right back. It is now july as I write this and we haven't had any signifigant rain in some time and the service has been great.

I don't know what the problem is and have called service several times this year. The problem affects the phone line as well. When the rain comes there is alot of static on the line. Of course this is what affects the DSL signal. In my neighbor hood the lines are all underground so I presume the issue must be outside the neighborhood.
I have had the AT&T dsl for four plus years. In this time there were two evenings that the service did not work due to some regional work being done. Otherwise it has always been there. Started out with the basic pakage up to 1.5m for a year. Toward the end of the year I was contacted by AT&T stating that my term was almost done and that they could now offer me a faster speed for 2 dollars less per month and did I want to take advantage. Well of course. Toward the end of the second year again same kind of contact from AT&T. This time they could double my speed (up to 6m) for the same price I was currently paying. Of course I opted to take this offer and have been getting this same service since. Always pleased with the service from AT&T,SBC, IL bell, whatever is their name. You can always pick up the phone and know it will work, you can always go online and know you will access the net.

9/22/09 Still with ATT dsl. Simply put it works. Sometime ago they introduced a new pricing structure. 20$,25$,30$ or 35$ a month. no contract. I am on the 30$ a month plan which is 3meg down. Tests average 2.6 down. It's ok with me. My kids youtube lile mad and I NEVER have a problem with my connection.

Still with AT&T DSL. Price has gone up three bucks across the board. Still on the pro plan for 3megs down. It works and works well. I cann not recall having an outage or other failure in this past year. Kids still youtube like crazy and I have added a ROKU for streaming Netflix. All works excellent.

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AT&T Internet Service

Being charged extra for streaming NETFLIX .
I'm going over the Allowed amount of usage???
Is there something else out there or are all providers doing this?

Montgomery, IL
·AT&T DSL Service

Re: AT&T Internet Service

Are you saying that you get an additional charge on your bill for Netflix streaming?

AT&T does have caps for allowed usage as many providers do.

I stream Netflix on my AT&T connection and have never been charged extra for doing so or been notified that I went over a limit. I stream quite a bit in my opinion.

Netflix does allow you to choose from three different streaming feeds to help control your bandwidth usage. It is found under your account page at Netflix site.