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Review by Mr Fel See Profile

  • Location: Louisville,Jefferson,KY
  • Cost: $95 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Speedy delivery, next day technician service."
Bad "Slow to resolve problems."
Overall "Eh, it works, better than I can say for other services."
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·AT&T U-Verse
My dad ordered 1.5 Mbps dsl service (From 10/30/12: he switched it over to 3 Meg at some point years ago, between Netflix and Video Skyping 1.5 didn't cut, while 3 just barely does) along with phone service. They shipped the modem in just a few days. Set up the modem with no problems. After installing the modem we got internet access with no trouble. Then the problems started. Whenever sent or received a call the modem would unsync, or even at times without any phone call at all. Check the filters, all of them were installed. Changed out the phones for a newer type that the technician said would help. They didn't help. So after 10 months they figure out the problem is the defective modem that they sent my dad, because it took them so long to figure out the modem was bad the warranty on it had expired so they wanted to charge my dad $75 to replace the one they sent him. No thank you. When my dad's contract expires we will be switching to cable internet. (From 10/30/12: Apparently he decided to never to use cable even if it was just for the internet, why? I wish I knew.)

UPDATE: A friend gave us their old modem and that fixed the problem (mostly). A lot better than before. There is still the occasional random unsyncing but nowhere near as common as it was.

UPDATE 04/10/09: The old modem is starting to have problems like the original modem, tech support is still useless on this subject. Now if Windstream would come out to Louisville with FTTH like they are in Lexington I'd be pretty damn happy.

UPDATE 08/26/09: Finally got the sync issues fixed, the splitter filter in the NID had gone bad apparently, now there are no unsnycing issues. Also U-Verse just came to Louisville today, not available at my home yet, but it is over at a few relatives. Will be doing the happy dance when they expand out to here (hopefully soon since they have a VRAD already installed nearby).

UPDATE 11/27/09: Restarted my modem yesterday morning and it wouldn't connect after I put my password back in, said the ATM connection was down. Called AT&T, said they could send out a technician this morning, which was fine since I was gone most of the day yesterday for Thanksgiving. Technician shows up this morning, said the connection into the house was fine, looked at my modem (Motorola 2210) and saw that it had been recalled (don't know why AT&T never sent out a e-mail to tell me this), pulled out a new modem and worked like a charmed. However the replacement was the same model, from a different line of S/N's (the recall was on only S/N's starting with 4) so I might replace this modem if I run into a working spare.

As an aside friends within three miles from here have ordered U-Verse, so I'm hoping AT&T will get that out here relatively soon.

UPDATE 09/01/10: Things have been smooth sailing since that last tech visit. I've gotten google voice & google chat so now I'm debating whether to cut phone service and use that for all my calls and forward them to my prepaid cell while I'm out (while effectively getting rid of all those calls that ignore the do not call list). That way I can use the monthly savings and invest in a higher speed tier.

On the U-Verse front talked to local AT&T techs over the year, the VRAD is up and lit and service is unavailable. Brilliant!

UPDATE 03/13/11: Well AT&T has finally stopped beating the bush and is going to implement caps. I've enjoyed my service (once it was finally working correctly) but this is forcing to take a hard look at service with them, it is probably time to move on to Insight. Value for money rating setting is now as low as possible, caps are anti-valuable in my book.

UPDATE 02/09/12: Well Insight is getting bought out, heard about this a while ago, so I decided to wait see what happens to them. UVerse did finally become available to us here, just as AT&T announced they stopped deployment of it. AT&T isn't enforcing the caps which has been a great thing here. However, after several years of no real problems anymore, the price increases on anything beyond what I already have, I'm just not sure anymore what I want to do now. This market sucks for broadband, period.

UPDATE 10/30/12: Things have played out long enough. Looks like TWC is keeping the Insight branding in the Louisville market for a while. Seems they're dumping contractors in favor of in house technicians, curious to see how that plays out. Caps still don't work with AT&T service, so looks like I just had a kneejerk reaction. However when I started looking deeper into the UVerse service only the 12 Meg internet and voice was available, no tv package. While I'm not interested in the video product the neighbors on both sides of me, for the matter the entire block except me, that have the video service available also have the 18 Meg available. So getting AT&T to work with me right now to get that straightened out, after that I will more than likely convert to UVerse. Ditch the expensive 'enhanced features' pots with long distance for cheaper voip and upgrade the internet service, let the bill balance itself out a bit. Been waiting three years to do my my happy dance lol.

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