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Review by moes See Profile

  • Location: Indianapolis,Marion,IN
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party SBC
Good "price"
Bad "Speeds have gone nuts."
Overall "Great Service and great price"
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I have had service since 04 with these guys, while it's been stable for most of those years. the last 6 months have been bad, I am not sure what is going on anymore with them.

I have good signals, my speed while constant between 6am to 2pm. dies off at 2:30 everyday and hardly anything wants to work right, my lag in games is so bad after 2:30pm est, that I am hardly able to play games.

Here is my stats from the modem

Current Rate: 3008 kbs 512 kbs
Max Rate: 8128 kbs 1160 kbs
Current Connection:
Current Noise Margin: 18.0 dB 21.0 dB
Current Attenuation: 21.0 dB 12.0 dB
Current Output Power: 1.4 dB 7.2 dB

These hardly change. the 7.2db does down to 4 when things run normal. but as I said after 2:30pm it goes to 7.2 or higher.

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