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Review by dev_null See Profile

  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Cost: $19 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Southern New England Telephone
Good "Willing to extend"
Bad "When it goes bad, it's really bad"
Overall "Goodbye ATT, hello VZ (relocation)"
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Have had SNET/SBC/ATT for phone service since we moved to the area in 2005. Started with Eastern Connecticut Cable for HSD but quickly switched to DSL due to pricing ($70 vs $15 per month!). Moved from 1.5Mb connect to elite 6.0Mb connection in 2007.

Until recently (October 2010) the elite connection has been rock solid at 5.3-5.4 (overhead reduces the actual). But then started peaking at 1.2Mb, and it's taken some time to resolve. Other than this glitch (which seems to now be resolved, after a week or two), I've been quite satisfied with the price/performance ratio.

I would note that when I call at renewal time, I ask to be switched to the retention folk, who have always been willing to give me the new customer pricing without too much discussion.

It's when I have problems that the issues arise. Repair service for the phone line (static, dropped calls, etc) or low speeds always seems to be protracted. When it works, it's great, when it doesn't sometimes getting it fixed can be a problem.

---Update July 2012---

After being a satisfied customer for nearly 8 years, I'm on the verge of switching back to cable. About 4 weeks ago (mid-June) our speeds dropped from a rock-solid 5.3mbps to under 2mbps most nights. Opened multiple tickets without resolution, finally opened a case in the ATT direct forum. We're told that it is "network congestion" and there is nothing they will do about it. That's all. Even had a nice man from the office of the president (really?) call and tell me he understood if I switched. To his credit he did give us a refund of the next few month's service fees, and left his contact info, but congestion they know about and can't fix it? My experience seems to support the fact that ATT is trying to kill off their wireline customers. When I called the state PUC, I'm told DSL isn't regulated, "just move on". Nice. Wish I'd stayed in a Verizon area.

---Update March 2013---

Wish granted! Company has relocated us back to a VZ area and we've had FIOS installed. What a refreshing difference! Even my cheap doubleplay is 6 times the max speed ATT ever gave me, at about the same price.

Bye, ATT, hello VZ!

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