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Review by marksagen See Profile

  • Location: Naperville,Du Page,IL
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "Nothing"
Bad "Service, Connectivity, Tech Support, Billing, Customer Support, AT&T Website Access"
Overall "Would never recommend this service to anyone"
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12 months of terrible service, daily dropped signals (for hours at a time), and three techs coming to my home to detect the problem finally made me switch carriers to Comcast Cable Internet. The latest tech to come check out the problem was there three times over a three day span to figure out what was wrong with my signal. He changed the "pair" on the street, changed my modem, tested the lines, ran a clean test cable inside my house, and ran a battery of other tests. When he left his words were, "you'll likely never get the speeds you were promised, and I can't find the source of your issues. You should call customer service." Thanks a lot for nothing!

The best download speed I received for the entire period with AT&T was 2.46MB down, 0.74MB up. I was promised, and paid monthly, for service levels of 6MB down/1.5MB up. That was the BEST I ever received, but usually got around 0.1MB down, and timeout on uploads, with Pings of 1200ms or more. My modem log showed several THOUSAND errors, despite the tech on AT&T's end consistently telling me that everything looked fine to them. In short, their service is overpriced garbage, even if you manage to get it at a discounted "introductory" rate.

To top it all off, they charged me a full months service after I cancelled and would not reimburse the bill, so now its in dispute.

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