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Review by Blockfire See Profile

  • Location: Wichita,Sedgwick,KS
  • Cost: $59 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Cheap service"
Bad "highest available speed at my location is 1.5 MB/s"
Overall "you definitely get what you pay for, low price for low speed."
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I switched to AT&T from Cox communications because the lack of competition was leading them to higher and higher prices and I was fed up. I am definitely missing the speed that broadband had available, but not the price. I'm irritated that on the AT&T website it says U-Verse is available in my area but I can only get the 1.5 mB/s speeds because they are no longer expanding the U-Verse footprint.

The connection is mostly stable, but if there is a thunderstorm or any kind of moisture the speed definitely goes down and I have been unsuccessful in having anyone come and check this out.


Still on AT&T DSL, but i've been able to upgrade to 6mB/s and this works better. I'm actually paying the same price. Not happy about the slow speeds, but the price is acceptable.


Finally getting rid of the DSL. They have recently started enforcing a cap I had known nothing about, the cap being 100GB of data. I will give them credit, they do send an annoying amount of warning's starting at 50% usage.

The price has crept up to over $50 per month, not including the $10 for the extra 50GB from going over the cap. At this point, it is no longer worth not having the lower tier (15/5) from the incumbent ISP at the same price point.

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How are you gonna connect to the internet?

I don't want to pry into personal matters but who are you gonna use on you disconnect your dsl?

Sarcasm is my native tongue

Wichita, KS

Re: How are you gonna connect to the internet?

I'll be going with Cox communications but I'll be subcontracting it through another company.


at&t Internet

In 1999/2000 I had Ameritech(now at&t) DSL, getting it set up was a nightmare in itself.

A lot of people are too young or never experienced the days when DSL was NEW. Before DSL became somewhat widespread the most you could get was dial-up @ 56K and sometimes with a 150 hr limit, when DSL started it was $30 for 768k then it went to 1.5M for get this ... $80 ... SUCH A DEAL, AND in MOST areas(including mine) you had to keep regular phone service even if the DSL was on a separate line, there really wasn't a data limit but if you started to run full bore 24/7 they sent you a letter. I was paying $80 for Internet plus $30 for a phone I never used.

When cable Internet came to my area I jumped, I pay half for ten times the speed and NO useless phone bill.

In the early days most had NO options, today most have many options.