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Review by InvisiBill See Profile

  • Location: Saranac,Ionia,MI
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Reliable connection"
Bad "Relatively slow for the cost"
Overall "Reliable and"
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Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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Cable is handled by a small company around here. It's relatively slow compared to the major cable companies (though it appears to be faster than the DSL offerings). Last I knew, they were rather expensive as well. Their ads are quite vague, never mentioning a price for just internet service and having very little information on the actual speed ("Up to 15 megs!").

After having good luck with the AT&T DSL at my parents' house for several years, I ordered the 6Mb/768Kb "dry pair" DSL as soon as I bought my house. Cable may have been a bit faster, but I knew the DSL here was reliable and they clearly stated what I should be getting. It wouldn't let me order online, but ordering over the phone was painless. I was able to decline their included modem by simply letting the rep know that I had my own. The regular price was $45/month, with a promo rate of $30/month for the first year, with no contract.

Self-install was easy, and I had no major problems with the connection for nearly three years. There were a handful of brief outages, but nothing memorable. Speeds were always as advertised (minus a bit for networking overhead). Most of my problems came from bad wiring inside the house itself, which I resolved by running my own Cat5 from the NID to the modem.

Other than the relatively slow speeds here (for all broadband services) compared to major US cities and to other countries, I have no complaints about my AT&T DSL.

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