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Review by buddahbless See Profile

  • Location: Premium
  • Cost: $53 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Its semi High speed Internet when its up"
Bad "constant drop in service, over priced, cant get 6mbps, no Uvers available"
Overall "As there the only game in town im stuck with them, wish I had comcast"
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·T-Mobile US
Well Ive had this connection on and off for almost a decade (since 2003). Back in 2003 it was top of the line and well worth the price back then ($27.50 dsl & phone) even though I had to have a phone line and naked dsl was not an option yet over the yrs the price keeps going up and my service only goes down. I now have 3.0 mbps currently, yet my connection never stays up as ATT refuses to change the equipment in there local DSLAM thats been a source of constant problems for over 3 yrs of continuous now.

ATT did however upgrade part of my outside copper ( 500 -1000 yards down the road) due to it being so old (60-70s) it was a surprise I was even getting a signal at all. Yet all the new copper in the world wont fix a horrible DSAM down the road. So Ive gone from daily outages to once a week or so, still highly unacceptable . It really is horrible when you have to call ATT tech support and just automatically ask for a truck to roll as the dslam is at it again, there customer service reps are always surprised when I (a customer)calls in and knows in advance exactly what need to be fixed and where.

Also to add insult to injury they have now added caps, which I have disputed from day one as my router and there usage portal ( when its active ) are always at odd ends. So simply my $25 ATT dsl service is usually around $50 -70 due to there cap and overages. If I was on comcast ( to bad there not in my area) I'd be paying $20 getting at last double the speed and double the amount of data and maybe no cap as Comcast is more leaner on charging overages. Oh well Heres to hoping MVDDS has another break through and hopefully a ISP comes to my area ( example, OMGFAST wireless) as Asking ATT to run me fiber ( like verizon fios) or even just ATT Uvers is "like pulling teeth", no wait, its actually worst than that, pulling teeth would be a joy!

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