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Review by On_The_Grind See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "No service interuptions, Constant speed"
Bad "Low speed tier with no other options for packages and prices a tad high"
Overall "Not bad service for living in an extremely rural area."

I live in Baxley, Ga. The only broadband provider is ATT DSL. They fastest
plan you can obtain is their 6Mbps Elite package. I got a promotion of
24.94/month for 12 months with a two year contract.

To start out with, the service has been fine. No disconnections, no speed
fluctuations, etc. I am getting about 5.0Mbps of my 6Mbps plan. So not bad
on that end.

The first problem I had was, I signed up on Nov 15th. When I got my bill in
December, I was billed for both Nov and December. However, I was double
billed for both months at 18.65, then 34.95. I was also charged a 49 dollar
connection fee twice. My bill was over 200 dollars.

I also noticed that my usage meter was not working, and commented about

I left a comment on ATT's facebook page and got a reply back almost
immediately from "ATTTroy" I emailed him my concerns. The next day I
got a call from ATT the office of the president. The lady told me that the
reason I could not view my usage was att was NOT monitoring my data usage,
so therefore there is nothing to display. Shocked, elated, and excited to
have no data cap, I asked her again repeating what she said. She confirmed
that ATT was indeed not monitoring the usage of any customers in my area.
She off commented that our area has a very low usage anyway. How wouls she
know that if they dont monitor? Either way... we'll find out. I watch a lot
of netflix.

I got a second call about my billing error. The lady was very awesome CSR.
She credit me back 65 dollars, and she gave me her personal contact info
and so on.

About 10 minutes later she called me again and told me she just checked an
email. She said that the email said that customers who signed up in
november got a "double" billing error like I had, and it affected a
staggering 23,000 customers. The error was caught on dec 24, and a credit
should be seen in Jan. So she took back the 65 dollar credit and told me if
I didnt get the 102 dollar credit in january to call her back and she would
credit me. Fair enough, I'll wait and see.

Again, so far the service is as expected. My only disappointment is that
6Mbps is not a great speed, but it's not terrible. I have had no technical
issues as far as the DSL is concerned. It hums along fine.

The only thing I've done is turned their DSL modem/router into BRIDGE only
mode and set up my router as PPPOE and so far everything is a go.

Hopefully ATT will upgrade their systems in the coming years so we can get
bonded DSL, or Uverese. We will see.

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