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Review by nozero See Profile

  • Location: Arlington,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $9 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Excellent uptime, 30 day money back guarantee, toll free support, free site stats,"
Bad "They don't always understand the problems."
Overall "more bang for your buck than many other providers"
Pre Sales information:
Setup experience:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've found powweb to be a very stable and reliable hosting service offering many features that often exceed but always meet my requirements.

Plan details:
• 300 GB Disk Space
• 3000 GB/mo Bandwidth
• Unlimited Mailboxes
• 75 MySQL Databases
• Site/Database Backups
• Load-Balancing
• InstallCentral
• 24/7 A+ Support

10/1/06 a few months back, powweb underwent some major platform changes. I think this was due to new ownership. Their service during this transition sucked. I had problems with my site, subwebs, and email resulting to their errors and it often took several days before they got me to somebody who would actually read my email and understand the issue. More often, I got a canned reply from an idiot who didn't read my mail. I'm still with them now, but if something like this happens again, I'll be looking for a new hosting service...

5/26/07 *Update
No other problems since the last one, though they wanted to change my email to bounce all "eronious" emails to my domain. I stopped this because I use several alias accounts when registering for memberships, list services, contests, etc. e.g. if I sign up to receive email notifications from CigarsInternational, I use and then I know if they share my email info.

6/15/08 Update
Live telephone support reps are pretty good! Email support flat out sucks. They don't read my email well enough to answer the questions and usually don't answer all the questions asked.

Some of the features mentioned above have changed:
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• What other options did you consider for broadband
• What SPEED/package did you order, at what monthly price?
• How was the order & install process?
• What brand/model was the supplied equipment?
• What good or bad experiences most struck you?

2/17/09 No change.

4/26/11 Still happy with their service.

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