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Review by buschic See Profile

  • Location: Dartmouth,NS
  • Cost: $85 per month
Good "great people for the most part, decent customer service on phone, online reps are sometimes flaky. EXCELLENT SPEEDS, NO CAPS."
Bad "sometimes flaky online reps, bad website design, PRICY!! $$$$$"
Overall "Decent speeds, decent service, no outages yet (6 months online with them)"

EASTLINK, are a small company in the grand scheme of Canadian cable providers, good customer service at mall locationds & on the phone..

AMAZING INSTALLERS here in East Dartmouth..

if you want great speed, no downtime, great modems, & excelent customer service... they are the ONLY choice for internet/phone..

Bell aliant wanted to take 17 days to do my install, I got pissed off, called EL, they had a guy here in 45 minutes, also, he was great explaining stuff & what he was doing step by step, to a blind woman..

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Terrible for gaming for me

So, there is a problem with my network and they keep insisting it's not their fault, although after numerous traceroutes clearly showing timeouts in the first few hops, they blame it on the first outside server that it hops to, which isn't even as high as some of the hops to their servers. This is rediculous, I'm sure it works great for most but for me eastlink is terrible. If it works good for you just cross your fingers that you never have a problem cause it will be just that, your problem. Also my sister phoned eastlink to ask about fibre op that bell aliant just introduced into my area, they informed her that they have had fiber op for some time... this is a complete lie, in our area eastlink does NOT have fiber ops yet. Bad business, bad techs, and bad service for 6 months now, fibre ops here i come.
ps... downloads normally are still pretty fast as i have 80 meg but ping / jitter are all over the place even on their local servers.