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Review by jed See Profile

  • Location: Alberta, Can
  • Cost: $71 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Tech showed up quickly after order submitted."
Bad "Tech inept on install. 20Mbps connection, RARELY hits half of that, while same gear on Telus 25Mbps connection hits full 25Mbps."
Overall "If you have a choice between dialup & Eastlink, reluctantly get Eastlink."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:

My Other Reviews

I was on Telus 3Mbps DSL, and Eastlink came into the area with 20Mbps. So, I figured, would have to be an improvement, and also no caps. I hooked up my e4200 and was up (left my Telus up as I was on a promo rate - good thing).

Speeds on Eastlink were rarely over 10, more consistently 4 to 6. And these are on your big name sites with oodles of bandwidth (Apple, for instance, to grab iTunes, MS for SP's, etc). Then, 2wks later, Telus came to town with their 25Mbps, so I upgraded my 3, but due to some troubles, I didn't have Telus for a month, which gave me a good taste of Eastlink's internet. Blech! Eastlink's connection was a bit unstable (weekly reboots), poor speeds, and all their frontline CSR's know from their customer Q & A flowcharts, is if you can do a speedtest to a server also on the Eastlink network, and get 75% of posted speed, you're good. I wasn't aware that most of the internet was served just by Eastlink.

When my Telus 25meg connection came online, Wow. Just wow. I would be cussing a download on Eastlink, move over to the Telus connection, and 4 to 5x faster. Service Packs, ISO's, instead of 1 to 2h, would be 15mins. And over the course of 6 months, nothing changed. I don't know if it was node saturation or what, but unbelievable craptastic performance by Eastlink.

Same gear behind the Telus & Eastlink modems for a few months, same computers, same downloads, vastly different results. In fact, speeds went down on Eastlink.

update - speeds went down after this, as did reliable uptime. And not just for myself. So, Eastlink connection is now gone.

Bottom line, if theres no one else, Eastlink.

ps - this is Eastlink in Alberta

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Fremont, OH
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Most ISPs rely on the speed tests from their network network for speed. If you achieve over 75% of your speed on their Network then its the Internet and not their problem as the Internet - as a whole- including xDSL and FTTP is shared, regardless of what the ISP/phone company says.