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Review by quimrider See Profile

  • Location: Toledo,Lucas,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "customer service is responsive."
Bad "cable modem slows down in the evenings."
Overall "good service except for bandwidth capped at 200GB"

I will be dumping Buckeye cable internet as they have instituted a bandwidth cap of 200gb (both up and downloaded) as of 6/2012. Their customer service is friendly and responsive. I have heard of others having problems that were not easily fixed, I have had no such problems. They did run a new line at not cost from the cable service box to the house as the original line had been cut sometime in the past.

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Cleveland, OH


NOT everyone has a 200gig cap. It depends on your speed tier. Also AT&T has speed caps as well. ALL packages have 150gig cable up and down. So where do you plan on going?

Toledo, OH

Re: Caps

I thought caps would be the end of the world also but honestly at 200 gigs it's not as horrible as it could of been. They could of been complete pricks like time warner was and gave us small 50gig or so cap.

Instead it seems like they actually thought about that people do more then check their email. If you need a bigger cap then get more then the 5mbit tier as the other poster said they are not all 200 gigs,this isn't comcast where one cap fits all.

I download a lot of stuff,stream quite a bit on my roku and play ton's of games with lot's of updates and so far there has only been one month where I was brushing the edge of the 5mbit tier cap.

Not sure who else your gonna go with,Ohio and many other states suck for ISP options.

Cleveland, OH

Re: Caps

Toledo has ATT but they're cap is even lower. It's 250gigs on ALL U-Verse plans and 150gigs on DSL.

Nobody else in Toledo offers anything better, yet, and no other TV options but those two unless you do OTA and DirecTV/Dish, until next year.