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Review by E Man1864 See Profile

  • Location: Sylvania,Lucas,OH
  • Cost: $115 per month
Good "Nothing"
Bad "Everything"
Overall "Any provider is better than Buckeye"
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So I pay $115 for 2 HD boxes and 1 HD DVR with service and what do I get? One moment please on almost every HD channel. I am only able to watch HD TV 2% of the time I want to. On top of that they cut channels every couple of months. This has to be the worst cable company. Whatever you get, don't get Buckeye. Get Time Warner, DirecTV, or Dish Network, but do yourself a favor and don't get Buckeye. Life is NOT better with Buckeye.

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Gulliver, MI


"Your stuck with Buckeye in Sylvania for TV, unless you want constant outages with a satellite dish."

Need to make a comment on that: I have had Dishnetwork for years and the outages i have had during that time is less than 10 for sure and all caused by really bad weather.By the way, i would keep Dish even if i had cable available(but i don't)

Always the green wire

Mount Juliet, TN

1 recommendation

Not a Buckeye Cable decision, really...

"WUPW has ordered Buckeye CableSystem to remove WUPW’s signal from our system. To be clear, this is not Buckeye’s decision, but WUPW’s decision to withhold its station from our viewers. We regret that you cannot receive this station. Buckeye will continue to try to negotiate for the return of WUPW."

The owners of WUPW want more money from Buckeye Cable for retransmission fees, even though they are consistently the lowest rated station in the market. Sounds like the fault lies with WUPW's owners and management, not Buckeye cable, at least as far as that issue is concerned.
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Quit complaining Walter

I'm inclined to agree that Buckeye is far from perfect but I honestly believe the alternative (Frontier or AT&T) is much worse. If you're unsure of who to go with, don't let the rants of a disgruntled ex-employee deter you; do your homework and make an informed decision. I'm pretty sure Buckeye will cancel your service and issue a refund without any grief if you do find it's not for you. And no, I'm not a Buckeye fanboy... I just hate seeing a decent service get a bad rap.

Bottom line: No ISP or video provider is ideal but in my opinion Buckeye is the best value in NW Ohio... at least until Google shows up with their FTTH service!