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  • Location: K6V2M
  • Cost: $49 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Good speed, good price (when I started), decent tech support (PC, modem)"
Bad "Dry loop fee, Trailing charges on disconnect, trailing charges for telco support"
Overall "They are at the mercy of the phone service provider - and you will pay!!!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

WARNING: B2B2C is ok, but only until you line difficulties! And be
prepared for an extra monthly charge if ever do cancel.

I am not talking about a modem unplugged or a loose network cable. If
you have something more serious that requires Bell involvement, just
cancel your service and QUICKLY, before the end of the month!

I was pro-B2B for 3 years. My DSL worked perfectly and the price was
not bad. Phone support was also good.
One day toward the end of July my service just stopped. I let it go
for a week - I am not a daily user and short outages do not concern
me. There had been minor issues in the past but all were resolved
I am not a whiner, so I let it slide - MISTAKE!

Into early August, I call them to report my internet connection has
been out. They sent me a new modem - still no luck.
They said they could have Bell out to check the service up to the
house, and that it would cost extra if the tech had to enter the house.
I know how Bell operates... but that is another review! I flatly
refused to have them enter my house but understood that there was no
charge to check the service at the pole, so I agreed.

Bell did their thing - and said it was OK at the pole. I did some
more trouble shooting and determined that my in-house lines were
good. Thus, the problem was between my house and the pole (ie -
B2B2C advised that Bell would charge me to find the problem, so I
kindly asked them to cancel my service and I returned the hardware.

HERE'S where the eggs slide off the toast!!!
It was still August, but they told me that they would have to charge
me for September as well - a matter of cancellation policy. I
reluctantly accepted - what choice did I have?

Last week I get my credit card bill and find a $99+ bill from B2B2C.
I called to question it, and was told that this was the fee that Bell
charged them for checking out my service at the pole and they are just
passing it along.
I gritted my teeth and kindly informed them that the B2B tech in
August did not say it would be so. "Sorry, nothing we can do."

So there you have it - I am now ANTI-B2B2C. I used to recommend them,
now I lump them in with that other company mentioned in this article
that also takes every opportunity to gouge consumers. Shame on you

So friend, if you take them up on their service, be advised that they
are not actually in control when things get sticky, and you could be
on the hook for unforeseen charges. Any savings I got by using their
service was wiped out at the end, with interest!!!

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lodged 3.2 years ago