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Review by WebMaka See Profile

  • Location: Niceville,Okaloosa,FL
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $7 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Extremely fast setup, quick support response times, excellent uptime, tons of features."
Bad "No real problems to report."
Overall "If you want more than no-frills hosting they're tough to beat."
Pre Sales information:
Setup experience:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've been using JaguarPC for hosting multiple business and private/hobby/enthusiast sites for years now (ever since they were known as Aletia), and of all the hosts I've dealt with they have been the most consistently good performers.

Setup is quick and easy, often 10 minutes or less from submitting your order to having login info in your inbox.

Support responses have been 15 minutes or less in my experience, and they put issues to bed surprisingly quickly.

Uptime's been "five-nines" level for unscheduled downtime even on shared hosts (which is unusual for shared hosting). I think my main site's only been down for a grand total of about ten minutes over the last few years. Naturally, YMMV, and shared-hosting uptime is almost never guaranteed but it sure does seem like they almost never go down.

For the $, you get every bell and/or whistle you can want or need for hosting - multiple databases with web administration, tons of quick-install scripts and packages, etc. etc. etc. The web admin is their version of cPanel so folks familiar with it will be able to jump right in.

Overall, if you need more than bare-bones hosting but don't need to spend a ton, it's hard to go wrong with what they provide for $8 a month...

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